10 Best AntiAging Yoga Poses to Keep you Young

Every person desires to stay young and energetic nowadays. But as the age passes, everyone starts getting weak or influence by the low stamina factors. Now, there is no need to worry as some of the best anti-aging yoga poses can help you to feel fresh and young, body fit by maintaining the shape, as well as make you feel more youthful and vibrant.

Yoga not only helps you in looking great but also assists you in keeping away from the numerous undesirable diseases impact. Yoga is followed by the time period of ancestors that uses it for psychological peace and emotional equilibrium. There are number of yoga poses that help you in remaining young but below we are listing the top ten best anti-aging yoga poses that will keep you young:

10. Standing forward bend pose

Standing forward bend pose

The top name in the list is of Standing forward bend pose. For this, you have to breathe in and raise the hands in the upward direction just like Surya namaskar. Now, bend down in the forward direction while breathing out and touch the hands over the ground. Get back to your initial position and repeat this for at least 10 times.This yoga poses tone up the hips as well as the joints. It also upsurges the blood flow towards the head.

9. Warrior pose

Warrior pose

In this yoga pose, you have to stand straight along with your feet distant. Your left foot must be pointed out in the outward direction and the right foot in the inward direction with thestraight chest. You have to breathe out and turn your left knee and then bybreathing out, stretch the arms out. This yoga poses benefit in the toning up of calves, knees as well as gluteus.

8. One more different warrior pose

One more different warrior pose

In this, you have to keep your right arm above the right side knee and then raise the left side arm over your head. This poses tone upyour hips, gluteus, thighs, upper arms as well as the chin muscles.

7. Posture growth

Posture growth

In this, you have to stand straight with your arms at the sides. Press your feet onto the ground and inhale intensely to grasp the balance in the body. After this, gradually lift up the chin with your well-stretched jaw. This yoga pose will benefit you for devising a straight posture and also firm up the double chin.

6. Tree pose

Tree pose

The next name in the list is tree pose in which you have to stand straight along with your feet subsequent to each other. The arms must be on the side and now place the left side sole over the right side calf. Bend the hands together and grasp it against the chest. This pose is beneficial for maintaining the stability in the mind.

5. Squat


In this pose, you have to stand with your feet marginally distant. Now, raise the hands towards your shoulder height and push the knees together just like a person trying to rest on a chair. This yoga pose will strengthen the thighs, glutes and also help in maintaining the balance of the body.

4. Downward dog pose

Downward dog pose

This yoga pose is a significant footstep of the Surya namaskar. You need to come down over all the 4 limbs on the ground in this pose with the feet apart. Now, raise the hips to form a “V” alphabet. Then, pull the belly button with your head hang. This yoga pose strengthens the body, raises the blood circulation and increases the total flexibility of a person.

3. Sphinx pose

Sphinx pose

In Sphinx pose, you have to lie on the ground with your face down. Then, fold the elbows over the sides. Now, breathe in and raise your chest and head by applying some pressure over the palms. The elbows must lie on the ground. This yoga poses benefits in strengthening the spine and the chest along with the toning of the upper arms.

2. Plank pose

 Plank pose

This pose benefits in improving the body balance and also the strength which you might have to reduce with your age. In this, you need to come down over your knees and hands. Then, get stable on the toes by lifting the body in the upwards direction.You need to keep the arms straight and also the feet flat on the surface.

1. Seated twist

Seated twist

In seated twist yoga pose, you have to sit cross-legged over the ground. Then, grasp the right knee with the left hand. Now, stretch the right hand away so that your hand can touch the ground behind the back. Then, turn your chest in order to look back.This yoga pose is a tone up the stomach and also increase the body’s flexibility. You can also reduce the double chin with this yoga pose very easily.


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