15 Awesome Animal Facts That Will Amaze You

Nature is full of wonders and you cannot even wonder that what a little insect or even the minor thing can do. From ants playing in the park to cows having friends, there are a lot of things and facts that really exist and you definitely don’t know them. Believe it or not, I am having some interesting facts about the animals on this Earth that can surely leave you stunned.

Here are those top interesting and amazing facts about the animals on the earth that are really impossible but they do occur. So check them out!

15. Cows


  • Cows are known as the foster mothers for humans because the humans drink most of the milk delivered by the cows.
  • A cow must have a calf in order to produce milk.
  • Cows surely do have friends and they become sad and hassled when they lose their friends.
  • Cows have almost 32 teeth in order to chew the cuds.

14. Pandas


  • The paws of the pandas are six- digits that are they have five fingers and a single pseudo-thumb.
  • Female pandas ovulate only once in a year.
  • Pandas don’t have particular or specific sleeping spots; they can sleep anywhere where they happened to sleep.

13. Sheep


  • They have awesome memories that they can remember anything even for years.
  • Sheep are the only animals that are mentioned in the King James Bible.
  • Sheep are self-medicated when they have diagnosed with some illness. They can cure their disease with some specific plants.

12. Cats


  • Cats cannot taste the sweet things. Or even they have no taste for the desserts.
  • Cats sleep almost 70 percent of their total lives.
  • Cats have three eyelids.

11. Tigers


  • Tigers are the largest animals of the cats’ family.
  • The roar of Bengal Tiger can be heard almost 2km at night.
  • The legs of the tigers are so powerful that they can stand for hours even after its death.

10. Penguins


  • The 17 species of the penguins are found in Southern Hemisphere.
  • A male penguin offers a pebble to the female penguin and if she takes it, they become partners.
  • Penguins carry eggs on their feet instead of keeping them in nests or building them.

9. Dogs


  • Dogs are capable of understanding almost 250 words and gestures.
  • Dogs don’t enjoy the hugs as other species including humans enjoy.
  • Dogs showed their emotions through their tales. Happy dogs wag their tail towards the right while sad dogs towards the left.

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8. Rabbits

Pygmy Rabbit

  • They have the panoramic sight of degree 360. That makes them visibility of the predators from every direction.
  • Rabbits are affectionate social animals and they love to interact with other species including human beings.

7. Elephants


  • Elephants are the only species of animals that can live up to almost 70 years.
  • Elephants cannot jump due their high weight.
  • The trunk of the elephant has more than 40,000 muscles.

6. Foxes


  • Foxes are native to Britain and are well known animals in UK.
  • Foxes can live up to 14 years.
  • Newly born Foxes are blind and deaf and completely dependent upon the parents of them

5. Lions

Man Eating Lions

  • Lions live in colonies called Prides. They often roar to communicate with the prides.
  • Female lions remain with their family till their whole lives.
  • Whereas, the male lions must venture on themselves when they get matured.

4. Pigs


  • Pigs are very friendly animals and they play around the fields and sunbath while they are free.
  • Pigs hearts are extensively used for the transplant of human’s heart.

3. Zebras


  • The stripe prints of zebras are specific to each individual as the finger prints of humans.
  • Zebras can communicate with each other through various voices and vocal expressions.

2. Monkeys


  • Monkeys can also communicate through facial expressions, voices and gestures.
  • Monkeys carry diseases like hepatitis, herpes and many others just like human beings.
  • Monkeys are being worshiped in India as to be the representative of the Human’s God.

1. Mammoth Jack

Mammoth Jack

  • These breed of donkeys are available in various colors.
  • George Washington is responsible for its first breeding in the state of United States.

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