10 Acts of Pakistan That Every Indian Hate

India and Pakistan are the two countries which have always been on fire as far as the mutual emotions and feelings of the people are concerned. Many political leaders and enemy nations have taken the benefit of the disturbance between the two nations and have manipulated the situation to their personal advantage. The scenario has been the same right from the partition of the country in 1947 till the present time, as the history between the two close neighbors has been a gory one and it seems that things are getting no better. According to Indians, it is the wrong doings and negative actions of the rival nation, which is not letting the wounds heal.

Here are 10 acts of Pakistan that every Indian hates:

#1. Pakistan has been very dishonest at the LOC, continuously violating the decorum and trying to get into the Indian borders. It has also been indulging in useless shooting at various parts of the LOC, while the Indian soldiers have been forced to retaliate.

pak at loc

#2. Many times, militants from across the border have been caught trying to enter India from across the border, by land or by sea. They have been stopped on many occasions but have been successful in their evil plots on some, like the dreadful 26/11 attacks in Mumbai.

mumbai attack

#3. Another reasons why Indians tend to hate Pakistan is the wound it gave to the country at the time of Partition. The Indians on the other side of the border had to bear extreme atrocities and even women and children were not spared at that time.

india pak partition 1947

#4. Kashmir is the issue that Indians are most touchy about as Pakistan has unlawfully established its hold in some parts of the state and is on a constant lookout to create insurgency and disturbance in the valley.

kashmir valley

#5. The continuous terrorist attacks on India by the terrorist groups of Pakistan is another reason of hatred meted out to the country by Indians Time and again, India has seen attacks and these groups have taken responsibility for the.

terrorist caught in india

#6. One of the biggest causes of mutual strife between Indians and Pakistanis is the age old rivalry on the cricket and hockey ground. Whenever there is a match between India and Pakistan, the situation gets extremely tense and this is why the countries have almost stopped touring each other for sporting tournaments.

pakistan shameful act

#7. Despite some Hindus residing in Pakistan for decades now, they are not treated well in the country. The religious discrimination they have to face day and night in their own country is something that makes Pakistan a villain in the eyes of the Indians.

hindus in pakistan

#8. Pakistan has given shelter to the ace enemies of India Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, including the underworld don, Dawood Ibrahim, though it continuously denies the same, but the fact has been proved more than once. This is another reason of hatred of Pakistan by Indians.

daud ibrahim

#9. Pakistan has been trying to improve its nuclear strength, which poses a continuous threat to India. Moreover, it is difficult to trust this close neighbor due to its bad track record. But recently the accusing comment of Pakistan former president Parvez Musharraf about nuclear attack on India makes every Indian in aggression.

#10. To some extent, media has played a negative role in creating anti Pakistan image in the mind of the Indians. As a result, people hate the country because of its negative portrayal in films and television.

indian media on pakistan

In the end, it would be right to say that the hatred should be directed towards opportunist politicians and militants rather than common people, because they are the same, whichever side of the border they live in.

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