Top 5 Hottest 1000cc Bikes in India Recently Launched

We are here with top 5 latest launches in the 1000 cc segment in India in the year 2015. The bikes that you will find in the below article are the first choice of speed lovers, as they provide the real thrill of the speed. So put on your helmet and fly high in style.

1. The Kawasaki Ninja H2

The Kawasaki Ninja H2

This is a bike that has been built to fulfill your desire and the thirst for speed, if you love the speed you will love this bike than anything else. This bike comes with a super charged and powerful engine that is capable of delivering up to 200 horse power that has been accompanied by an extremely higher torque output of 133.5 Nm. The engine that provides power to this super bike has a displacement of 998cc and is liquid cooled. You call this thing a master piece and you have to spend an amount of nearly 30 lakhs.

Cost: Rs 29 lakhs

2. Benelli TNT 1130

Benelli TNT 1130

The Italian super Bike manufacturer, Benelli has made an entry into the Indian market and has shook hands with the well- known DSK motorcycle. This super-hot bike will cost you around 12 lakh rupees. A massive engine of 1133cc 3 cylinder provides power to this bike and the engine churns out maximum power of around 158BHP with a superior torque figure of 120Nm. The TNT 1130 is equipped with all the latest technical features that a bike should have.

Cost: 12.2 lakhs

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