Top 10 Smartphone Companies in the World 2017

Controlling the world at the fingertip is not any imaginary saying these days; especially since inception of the Smartphone concepts. People are keeping updates about their favourite Smartphone, or platforms like their favourite stars. You will be even more amazed upon knowing the amount that these manufacturers earn. The line-up is especially for it. Check it out!

10. Gionee


The Chinese manufacturer has shown its excellence. Since inception in 2002 the company is going really strong. It stands at number ten position in our line-up. It came in to highlights after making 6.14 million shipments during first quarter, 2014.

9. ZTE


ZTE is one of the pretty experienced manufacturers. Incredible is to see their consistency, the way they have performed so far since 1985. Especially, the company has expertise in making low cost devices with excellent features.

8. Xiaomi


Here we come up with another Chinese manufacturer in the compilation. Within a very short while the company managed to make a whooping business. It was founded in 2010, and by initial business quarter last year it had made 10.68 million shipments.

7. Nokia


After up to the mark performance in last financial quarter, Finnish manufacturer has well secured its place in this line-up. Reportedly, the company has witnessed nine percent growth in last business quarter, which well matched the expectations of analysts. Nokia is expecting a great growth Under New Owner Microsoft.

6. Sony


How can you forget a name like Sony in this line-up? The Xperia series devices are just reigning success in smart phone arena. By the initial quarter last year Sony had made the attention dragging 10.68 million shipments. Even the top manufacturers don’t dare to challenge its camera sensor.

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Smartphone Companies in the World 2017”

  1. asm says:

    what about blackberry

  2. Michael Bryner says:

    Only reason Apple is making money is from the kids with rich parents. With no micro sd card slot and have to pay for an adapter for storage card and no jack for headphones now, puts this company in the bottom wear I walk. I would never pay their outrageous prices for a smartphone but for the same price I would buy a Samsung that has was Apple doesn’t have on the phones. I would put LG or Motorola in 2nd and 3rd slot.

  3. Jerald Sabu M says:

    Wheres HTC?
    I though HTC would be I’m top 5 at least. They produce amazing phones.

  4. abhijit says:

    Awesome website 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  5. Hanuman says:

    Thanks for such a superb list, I like “Xiaome” from the list and glad to see the one listed here so I bought it.

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