Top 10 Real Life Love Stories in History Ever

Love has been described as the most amazing feeling in the world, which inspires you to do anything to make your loved one happy in life. Throughout history of mankind, there have been some unusual love stories. Where people in true love have gone beyond the ordinary and become a source of inspiration for the generations to come.

Listed below are the top 10 most awe inspiring love stories in the world:

10. Salim and Anarkali

Salim and Anarkali

The story of love and sacrifice of Salim and Anarkali can never be forgotten. Salim was the son of King Akbar while Anarkali was the most beautiful courtesan in his court. The two of them fell in love against the wishes of the King. Salim revolted against his father and was sentenced to death. Anarkali sacrificed her life to beg forgiveness for Salim and she was entombed alive in a brick wall by the king.

9. Tristan and Isolde

Tristan and Isolde

Next on the list is the love story of Tristan and Isolde. Isolde was an Irish princess engaged to King Mark of Cornwall, while Tristan was his nephew who fell in love with Isolde. The affair went on after Isolde was married to the King, but Tristan was banished from the kingdom when the king came to know about it. Tristan later married but could not forget his first love. Once, when he got sick, he sent a message to Isolde and said that if she agreed to be back to him and cure him, she would have a ship with white sails otherwise they would be black. His wife lied to him that the sails were black and he died. Later, Isolde too died of grief.

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8. Orpheus and Eurydice

Orpheus and Eurydice

The Greek story of Orepheus and Eurydice is another charming tale of true love and devotion. This couple was married, while a Greek God Aristaeus cast an evil eye on Eurydice. While she was fleeing to save herself, Eurydice was bitten by snakes. Orepheus mourned her death profusely and went to underworld to get her back, on the condition that he would not look behind towards her on his way back to upper world. But he did so, and this time Eurydice was gone, never to come back again.

7. Napoleon and Josephine

Napoleon and Josephine

One of the best real love stories in the world is the true love story of Napoleon and Josephine, a widow six years older to him. Though they entered into a marriage of convenience, they gradually fell deeply in love with each other. The marriage had to end as Josephine could not bear children, while Napoleon desperately needed an heir. Bur they continued to love each other forever.

6. Odysseus and Penelope

Odysseus and Penelope

The classic love story of Odysseus and Penelope symbolizes that true love waits forever. This Greek couple was separated soon after their marriage as Odysseus went for war. His wife Penelope waits patiently for 20 years for him to return, despite as many as 108 suitors proposing to her.

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