Top 10 Best Rajasthani Food Recipes

India is the land of diverse cultures and also the diverse cuisines. The country is having the number of tastes and traditional flavors that people of India loves. The cuisines of different regions from India have made it so much prominent that people all around the world travels to India to try its different types of cuisines. One of the most important cuisines from India is the Rajasthani cuisine that is the culturally rich in regards to its heritage.

From the desserts to its delicious savory dishes, Rajasthanicuisine has highlighted the excellent blend of flavors and the classic authentic tastes. If you are on the verge to find the amazing dishes from this cuisine, then here is a list of 10 Best Rajasthani Food Recipes:

10. Rajasthani Mirchi Vada

Starting from something really very spicy and mouth- watering, the Rajasthani Mirchi Vada is a very common and delicious street snack from the streets of Jodhpur. Hot green chilies are stuffed with the tangy masala and the tamarind extract to make this snack the one of the most amazing experiences for its lovers.

9. Ghewar

After something spicy, let’s come to the golden traditional dessert of Rajasthan. This sweet dish made from the goodness of flour, sugar and creamy milk. This one is the festive dish that is used to bring delight on everyone’s tongue. This dessert surely represents the true delicacy of the Rajasthani flavors.

8. Kairi Curry with Khoba Roti

While coming to something really very yummy thing. Kairi Curry with the Khoba Roti is the perfect meal that you ca enjoy with the burst of flavors. The curry is made from the raw mango and is served best with the Khoba roti.

7. Bhuna Kukda:

Another really amazing treat for all the non- veg lovers. This Bhuna Kukda is the signature dish from the district of Rajasthan. The chicken gets marinated with the tangy spices and flavorful ingredients and cooked until tender gives you the most delicious experience that you have never ever felt before.

6. Safed Maas

Next on the list is another common Rajasthani signature dish that will never leave you unsatisfied. This crowd pleasing dish is the creamy and nut- y textured curry that is composed with the authentic flavors of Rajasthan. The meat is cooked with the white masala and the almond- cashew paste to give it a nutty and rich flavor.

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