Top 10 Best MUV Cars In India 2017

The MUV car segment in India is a high completion arena and the popular models in the segment has had one of the greatest scrutinies in the country. Primarily, the onset of the biased reviews is due to the many local and international companies competing with same vigor in the car segment. There has been over hundreds of models that the companies have bought into the segment in the last decade. Moreover, there are even more companies coming forward, offering yet new models in the segment.

The recent review on the overall performances of the MUVs by the experts has classed the better of the lot, in the Indian terrains and market.

10. Nissan Evalia

A popular MUV in India, a design that is unconventional on Indian soil. The Nissan Evalia is available in 7 variants and has quite impressive features on comfort and luxury, but it would little more to gain the trust in the Indian Market.

9. Chevrolet Enjoy

The second success produces from Chevloret in the MUV segment, especially revered for the Indian terrain. The Chevrolet Enjoy is available in 12 variants with a price specially carved for the Indian market. It also relishes on the engine performances and fuel economy, as related to the counterparts in the segment.

8. Chevrolet Tavera

A pretty early exquisite entry into the Indian Markets but Tavera has maintained it standards all through the years with winning streaks in the best performer in the MUV segment on the Indian Roads, However, the model has no taken off in the expected. As per the sources from the Chevrolet for the Indian market, the company expects Tavera to be competitive and better placed than the recent entrants into the segment.

7. Datsun Go Plus

Datsun GO Plus

A new name in the Indian market, but a complete shift move in introducing Datsun Go Plus in the MUVs for Indian Market. Conventional looks implied in the model with glossy interiors and one the finest finishes. But the model is not exquisite to take a lead in the segment since it lacks the experience to adapt to the Indian conditions and is a rigid stand of a different kind in the MUVs segments all across the country.

6. Tata Aria

Tata Aria

One of the most eventful launch from Tata Motors. A little overpriced for the MUVs on the Indian market, but worth the price with many of utilities absorbed in Tata Aria. The standard model comes with a comfort that is too lucrative and synonymous with the other standards of the variant.

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