Top 10 Best English News Channels in India

The News channels in the country are growing every day and there are many new channels both Hindi and English and other regional news channels that are doing great in the business and are one of the top news channels in the country today. The news channels today work for the TRP, and are also biased, some are biased towards the one political party and some to another and some are just neutral and aim for the right thing and hits it hard, so that the people understand what happens and what is going on in the nation. There are many news channel and specially the news anchors who are extremely famous on their news channels for their views, boldness, debates or the sense of understanding and the capability to discriminate between the right and the wrong and tell honest truth. Yellow Journalism has been happening in the country and it will continue to happen. No one can stop that, but the conscience. There are many news channels that run in our country. Here is a list of top ten English news channels in India.

10. BBC World

BBC world is an International News channel, which focuses on the world news. The headquarters of BBC is in London and it was incorporated in the year 1991. It is one of the best English News channel not only in India but in the world as well.


9.  ET Now

ET Now is a business financial news channel and it was formed in the year 2009 under its parent organization the Times Now. The channel has a partnership with Reuters. ET Now deals with the business news and it is one of the best English news channels in India.

Website: www.ETNow

8.  Bloomberg UTV

Bloomberg TV is one of the best English News channel in India. It was incorporated in the year 2008 and is owned by the Bloomberg L.P. It broadcasts both in India and Internationally. The news channel has certain standards and the headquarters of this channel is locates in Mumbai.



CNN IBN comes 7th in the list of top ten English news channels in India. It was incorporated in the year 2005. The company is owned by TV18 and Turner International India. The slogan of the channel is also interesting. It says whatever it takes. This is CNN-IBN.


6.  India Today

India Today is a leading English news channel in India. It is based in Noida and AroonPurie is the editor in chief of this news channel. It was incorporated in the year 2005.


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