10 of the Most Deadliest Insects on Earth

Besides providing benefits, some insects are very fatal for human beings. Their small sizes don’t mean that they are less fatal tough they can be even deadly for the human beings. There are even millions of species of insects that are inhibited on this planet and most of them are deadliest to human beings.

Here is the list of top 10 most deadly insects on the Earth that can cause even death of the person:

10. Hemiptera


These insects are also called the kissing bugs and they can be of the size of almost 1mm to 15 cm. these insects are deadly because they suck the parts of the mouth and are common in the areas of Central and South America. These insects attack the other insects and human beings and then suck the blood from the mouth parts. Thus transmitting deadly diseases.

9. Asian giant hornet

Asian giant hornet

Featuring next on the list is the Asian giant hornet that is found in the southeastern and Eastern Asia. These insects sting badly the other living organisms and thus transfer the venom to their blood. These insects can sting repeatedly and can cause the death of the person.

8. Dorylus


These insects are also known as the driver ants or African ants. These insects or ants make their army and earn up the food in the days of starvation like all other armies. These insects are found in the areas of central and east Africa and also in tropical regions of Asia.

7. Wasps


Wasps are either considered as ants or either considered as bees. But they are neither ants nor bees and are divided in the groups of paraphyletic insects. They sting the human beings in the season of summer and cause swelling near the area of sting that is why they are considered as one of the deadliest insects on the earth.

6. Bot Fly

Bot Fly

Next on our list is the Bot fly that is the human’s parasites and can cause the serious health issues in them. They are usually found in the areas of Central and South America. Their presence in the body causes the inflammation in the skin.

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