Top 13 Famous Zee Bangla Serial Actress Name List

When it comes to Bengali television, nobody does it better than Zee Bangla. The show’s popularity is on the rise thanks to its charming plot and stellar cast. The remarkable care given to each serial, only served to increase its popularity. Check out the actresses of your favorite Zee Bangla serials here.

Zee Bangla Serial Actress Name List

1. Priyanka Sarkar

Priyanka Sarkar

Model and actress Priyanka Sarkar is well-known in Bengali television. Her first role was in the Bengali TV series Aastha, and she has since acted in several more, including Khela, Mahanayak, Nana Ranger Dinguli,  Abhyamangal, & Ebar Jalsha Rannaghare 2nd Season.

A native of Kolkata, West Bengal, India, Priyanka Sarkar entered the world on the 31st of December, 1988. She is five feet 3 inches tall, weighs 66 kilograms, has black hair, and dark brown eyes.

2. Pallavi Sharma

Pallavi Sharma

Her role as Joba on Star Jalshas’s Ke Apo Ke Por had brought her widespread fame. In the Bengali community, she enjoys phenomenal acclaim. The audience recognizes this as a Joba episode serial. This has been one of the oldest-running shows in Bengali television history. The show’s key selling point is Joba’s never-ending struggle against Tandra.

3. Monami Ghosh

Monami Ghosh

Bengali film and television actress Monami Ghosh began her acting career in popular benagli serials like Saat Kahon.

She is born in the year 1984 and celebrates her birthday on 13th July. She is 5 feet and 5 inches tall, weighs 57 kilograms, has black hair and eyes, and speaks fluent English. Her wealth is estimated at more than 3 Millions

4. Indrani Haldar

Indrani Haldar

This outstanding actress won a national prize for her portrayal in Sreemoyee, which dominated Bengali television. She plays the lead and is now breaking ratings records. Indrani’s character, a middle-aged housewife, feels unappreciated by her family. She’s taken things in a new direction by forging her own persona. The part of Indrani has been very well received.

5. Ushasie Chakraborty

Ushasie Chakraborty

In Sreemoyee, Ushasie portrays June. This actual Economics Professor is playing the part of a strong, confident modern lady. She’s perfect in her role. Her on-screen wardrobe has quickly become a trend setter. Anjan Dutt’s movie adaptations by Byomkesh Bakshi made Ushasie a household name thanks to her performance as Satyabati.

6. Debadrita Basu

Debadrita Basu

Debadrita Basu is a very well-known face in Bengali television shows. She starred as Joyee in the Zee Bengali show of the same name. Bidesh Bose’s granddaughter began working on this while still in school.

She was a great football player and once served as Captain of Mohun Bagan. In Joyee, we followed the journey of a farm kid with big dreams of playing professional soccer. Her charisma, along with that of her on-screen husband Rivu, and her refusal to give up earned her many fans.

7. Oindrilla Sen

Oindrilla Sen

With the Star Jalsha show Phagun Bou, this stunning performer returned to the spotlight. After their triumph in Saat Pake Bandha, the best onscreen combination, Vikram Chatterjee &&Oindrila, returned for this serial. She became widely recognized thanks to her role in Saat Pake Bandha, and her fame continued to grow because of Mohul in show called Phagun Bou. The show dominated Star Jalasha’s ratings for weeks.

8. Ditipriya Roy

Ditipriya Roy

She is a well-known Bengali film actress from India. Ditipriya is born in Kolkata as of August 10. Her father, veterinarian and actor Aloke Shankar Roy, is her mother’s father. She received all of her formal education in Kolkata. She is a current Asutosh College sociology major. She started off as a young performer on television.

She is the very first person you think of when discussing exceptional ability. In the Zee Bangla show Rani Rashmoni, she plays the lead role of the show’s namesake. The historical play follows Rani Rashmoni from her childhood in the village of Halisahar to her marriage to Rajchandra Das, who belongs to Kolkata.

The story begins when Rani Rashmoni is 11 years old and still living with her family. She founded Dakshineswar Kali Temple in 19th-century Bengal out of an unbridled desire to oppose British colonial oppression. With her commanding performance, this 18-year-old aced the part.

9. Tiyasha Roy

Tiyasha Roy

She portrays the title role of Krishnakoli’s main character. She portrays Shyama, a gifted Keerthan singer who is oppressed due to her dark skin. Her life has shifted since she got married, and her husband encourages her musical pursuits. This is the most watched series on Zee Bangla, and for good reason: the plot is riveting.

10. Rimjhim Mitra

Rimjhim Mitra

In Krishnakoli, she’s one of the bad girls. In Jay Baba Loknath, she also portrayed a mother. She has superb acting chops. The audience adored her portrayal of Krishnakoli. The announcement of her entry into politics as a member of the BJP garnered media attention.

11. Trina Saha

Trina Saha

Trina was voted 2019’s sexiest TV actress by the Calcutta Times. They have her on staff for the ongoing TV show Koler Bou. Her popularity can be attributed to her “normal-girl” persona. She portrays Tepi, a farm girl. Her loving husband builds a robot to fool his relatives into thinking she’s perfect.

12. Anindita Bose

She is a popular face in Bengali cinema and television. Her acting career began with the popular Bengali television series Gaaner Oparey.

On April 10th, 1986, Anindita Bose entered this world in Mumbai, Her body measurements are 165 cm (5 ft 5 in), 50 kg (110 lb), and her hair and eyes are both black. Her wealth is estimated in millions.

13. Debachandrima Singha Roy

In the show Sanjher Baati telecasted on Star Jalsha, she plays Charu, a country girl who is wed to a blind man. Charu’s innocent appearance endears her to the audience. The show is very popular among viewers.


All the above-mentioned Zee Bangla serial actresses are popular in the whole Bengla industry due to their work in industry, and have gained immense fame and popularity.