Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-Education in India

To make a country civilized and developed the education system plays the most important role. It helps to make this world a great place to live in and the education system identifies the values of a nation as a nation is considered to be developed if only a great education system exists. An education system teaches us to work with other beings, treating all the genders equally, mutual respect and understanding for the people. This gender equality is reflected in the education system as well where boys and girls are taught together under the same roof in a system called as co-education. These people are basically taught together in an educational institute or a learning center. This is a very common teaching practice all over the world but if we talk about India there are still some parts where it is felt that boys and girls should be taught separately.

Is it a narrow mindset or there are some strong facts behind this thought process, we can only find out through analyzing the various advantages and disadvantages of co-education in India.


1. Mutual Understanding and respect

A system where males and females study together, there is a better scope of developing understanding between each other. It really helps them to be used to of an environment where both the genders work together. They don’t hesitate or feel shy in each other’s company and they learn how to respect one another by developing an ability to accept each other as they are.

2. Increase Confidence Level

Confidence level gets boosted when they study with each other therefore co-educational system plays an essential role in grooming their personality. They develop confidence in this basic stage which helps them bag good jobs.

3. Controlled Environment

With the girls and boys studying together under the same roof or educational institute, the environment becomes meticulous. There are limits pre-defined pertaining to behavior and language. It teaches control over our actions.

4. Behavioral shift

It is very commonly seen that boys start behaving decently around girls. They refrain from using abusive or rough language and they dress appropriately. Also the girls become more confident and they don’t take boys as some strange creature from a planet far away.

5. Healthy competition and friendship

This is the most important advantage as if they are taught in each other’s company, there will prevail a feeling of healthy competition and camaraderie among them. Both the genders will work hard to prove themselves and the boys will not indulge in any kind of teasing. There will be an all-round development of each other’s personality.

6. A great start to the future

Eventually, boys and girls have to get married and live together as a part of a society so if they study in co-educational set up, they begun to understand each other quite well.

7. No space for discrimination

Since in a co-education set up people start understanding each other better it reduces their harsh and rowdy behavior with each other. Therefore in co-education set up there is no kind of discrimination that prevails and respect towards each other is increased.

8. Resource handling

If there are separate educational centers, there will be a great dearth of teachers and lecturers as there would be a great demand which might be a huge difficulty for any nation as it leads to a great monetary loss. So rather than separate teachers teaching a similar thing to the students separately it is best if the students be taught together leading to a better and proper handling of resources.

9. Encourages the survival in future

Survival is the key and since men and women have to survive with each other in marriage or in workplace they should know how to blend with each other. Co-educational system teaches empathy, team work and compassion and this is required to live a successful life with each other in future.

10. Helps to overcome the fear of opposite gender

Behavior of both, girls and boys, is very different from one another. The fear, shyness and hesitation can only be reduced if they are taught together where they can easily communicate with each other and create a comfort zone for themselves.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-Education


1. Low Concentration

One of the potential risk of them studying together is that they may develop attraction towards one another leading to loss of concentration in studies. With their minds diverted towards other activities, it will be very difficult for them to make up for their careers.

2. Chances of distractions could be more

Teenage is one such phase of our lives where we feel that everyone is against us. Teens go through psychological and physical changes and if at that point of time they feel that their family doesn’t understand them, there are chances of them getting distracted which might hamper their learning process.

3. Unethical Activities

Usually in such set ups, students tend to get involved in unethical activities which could be stealing from parents, lying, flirting, physical relationships and affairs. Rape and sexual harassment are some serious crimes which can destroy the lives of these students.

4. More involvement in personal feelings

Opposites attract is a known saying. And when these children give more importance to their curiosity of each other rather than their studies, they are prone to fail in studies and diverge away from their objectives.

5. Unwanted arguments and issues can create an unhealthy environment

Since both the genders have a different thought process there are arguments prone to happen. This contradiction of opinions lead to arguments and issues which create an unhealthy environment and also diverts them from their goals.

6. Discomfort in resource handling

It greatly reduces the alternatives of schools or colleges for students. Educational set ups dedicated to teaching one gender may feel discomfort in handling the other gender. This can also be a great issue in moving forth on the career path.

7. Sexual teasing

Girls are harassed and teased by boys and it starts from a pretty early age until it becomes very aggressive. And then comes sexual teasing. Telling double meaning jokes and riddles and then laughing at girls is very common. This leads to a low morale of girls and she becomes highly unsure of herself.

8. Against the Indian Tradition

Co-educational system is considered against the Indian Education system of Gurukulam and Vidalaya. In the ancient times, girls were taught to take care of household chores whereas boys were taught reading and writing and other skills. Many people of older generation consider that this system is against the Indian Tradition.

9. Overcrowded colleges and schools

With more and more co-educational institutes opening up the colleges and schools have become extremely overcrowded. Teachers are not able to focus on individual students and their teaching methods have become highly mechanical.

10. Lowers the confidence

At times, when the girls become victim of the bullying by boys or boys get bullied by other boys, their confidence level drips down.


Gender equality is a very important thing which is being discussed on a number of national and international forums. It is respected and encouraged but people still have their doubts in co-educational setup. Besides it has its advantages and disadvantages and the administration of such institutes should be tight and balanced.

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