Women’s Cricket World Cup Winners List Till Date 2023

The first  Cricket World Cup of women was played in England in 1973, making it the oldest world championship in the sport. One Day Internationals are played over 50 overs for each country, and there is also a competition for T20 International cricket called the ICC Women’s T20 Cup.

The World Cricket Council is currently in charge of hosting the World Cup (ICC). It was run by the World Women’s Cricket Council until 2005, when the 2 organizations amalgamated (IWCC).

 In England, they had their first World Cup in 1973, 2 years prior to the inaugural men’s competition was staged. Numerous teams had to refuse invitations to participate in the early years of the event due to finance issues, and there were sometimes six-year gaps between tournaments. World Cups used to be held every two decades, but that changed in 2005.

Both the ICC Women’s Championships as well as the World Cup Qualifier serve as stepping stones to the World Cup. There have been no new teams added to the competition since 1997, and the number of participants in the Tournament has remained at eight since 2000.

The International Cricket Council, however, announced in March 2021 that starting with the 2029 tournament, the field size would increase to ten teams. In 1997, eleven teams competed, the most ever in a single edition of the competition.

India and England have each hosted the World Cup three times, for a total of eleven tournaments. Australia has the most championships, with seven, and has only missed the final three times. Only England (four titles) & New Zealand (once title) have won more than once, while India (two times) as well as the West Indies (one) have each made the final without winning.

First World Cup

In 1934, an English cricketing delegation travelled to New Zealand and Australia and played the first international matches featuring women. On December 28-31, 1934, England played and won the very first Test match. Early the next year, the first Test was played against New Zealand. Until South Africa played several matches against England in 1960, only these three countries fielded women’s cricket Test teams.

In 1962, English first-class teams were the first in the world to play limited-overs cricket.  It wasn’t until nine years later, at Melbourne Cricket Ground, that the first ever men’s international one-day match was played.

Winning Teams

Since its start Australia has dominated the Women’s Twenty20 World Cup. The Southern Stars have won 5 of the 7 tournaments held so far.

The first World Cup was won by England in 2009 but Australia has won the last three (in 2010, 2012, & 2014).

While the Australians were hoping to make it four in a row, they were dealt a devastating blow in the 2016 finals when a dominant West Indies women’s team defeated them by eight wickets.

The next two tournaments, however, were won by Australia when they defeated England in 2018 & India ahead of 85,000+ fans at MCG in 2020.

This season’s 10 teams are split into two groups of 5, playing each other twice. Only the top two teams in each group will advance to the semi-finals.

Women’s Australia National Team: Defending Champions, Runners-Up in 2009 and 2010 Group A consists of the defending champions, England Women, as well as New Zealand Women, the hosts, South Africa Women, and Sri Lanka & Bangladesh Women. Winner Indian Women of 2016 Group B consists of the West Indies Women’s Team, the Pakistan Women’s Team, and the Ireland Women’s Team.

Here is the complete list of winners of women’s world cup of cricket

Women’s Cricket World Cup Winners Till Date 2023

Year Hosted by Winners Runner up
1973 England England Australia
1978 India Australia England
1982 New Zealand Australia England
1988 Australia Australia England
1993 England England New Zealand
1997 India Australia New Zealand
2000 New Zealand New Zealand Australia
2005 South Africa Australia India
2009 Australia England New Zealand
2013 India Australia West Indies
2017 England England India
2022 New Zealand Australia England

There have been a total of fifteen different teams to reach the Women’s Cricket World Cup (excluding qualification tournaments). England, Australia, & New Zealand are the only teams to have made appearances at every tournament, and all three have won a championship.

About women’s cricket world cup of Under 19

Women Cricket World Cup

Women’s national teams under the age of 19 compete in the annual ICC Under-19 Women’s Cricket World Cup, an international cricket tournament run by the International Cricket Council (ICC). T20 formatted matches have been played since the league’s inception, with the inaugural competition taking place in South Africa in January 2023.

When India beat England by 7 wickets in the women’s cricket global final at Potchefstroom, South Africa, the country’s long wait for a first world title was over. The team captained by Shafali Verma lost only three wickets while chasing a score of 69.

Gongadi Trisha (24) & Soumya Tiwary (24 as not out) kept India’s innings steady as they won in 14 overs despite the early exits of Verma (15) & Shweta Sehrawat (5). Off Hannah Baker, Shafali connected for four, then off Sophia Smale, she connected for six.

The India Women’s Under-19 team made history by winning the first ever ICC Under-19 Women’s T20 Cup Final in South Africa, and (BCCI) is thrilled for them. The BCCI has promised the winning India U-19 squad and their support staff a total of Rs.5 Crore in cash.

The 2005 World Cup 50-over final was India’s first appearance in a World Cup final in almost 18 years. The Indian women’s team has never before triumphed at the ICC tournament. In 2005 and 2017 the senior team fell in the semifinals of the Women’s Cricket World Cup, and in 2023 the senior team lost to Australia in the final of the Women’s Twenty20 World Cup. When we lost at the MCG 3 years ago, Shafali & Richa Gosha were both on the squad.

Australia holds the record for most Women’s World Cup victories.

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