Window AC Swing Not Working? Here is Possible Fix!

You may think that Window ACs aren’t that popular right now, but it is quite the opposite. In the summer seasons, the sales of Window ACs actually rise, and people prefer to buy them over traditional room air conditioners. And that’s because Window AC provides better airflow, they are quite affordable, and most importantly, Window ACs are pretty power efficient.

This is the prime reason why many people in India prefer to buy a Window AC rather than a typical room air conditioner. And if you have been using Window ACs for quite some time now, then you may already have faced the issue where the Swing Mechanism of such ACs doesn’t work properly. Therefore in today’s post, we’ll be taking a look at why that happens, and what you can possibly do to fix the Window AC Swing-related issue.

Window AC Swing Not Working

Possible Reasons Why Window AC Swing Not Working

Below we have listed some of the most common reasons why Window AC Swing doesn’t work sometimes.

  • Controller Problem
  • Faulty Stepper Motor
  • Something’s Blocking AC Swing

Usually, whenever you are dealing with a Window AC Swing not working issue, the problem is either with the controller, stepper motor, or there is some sort of blockage.

Possible Fixes When The Window AC Swing Not Working

Since now you know what this issue occurs with your Window AC, it is time to look at the fixes or what you can do to make it work again.

Controller Problem

When your Window AC Swing is not working, you should first check with the AC controller, maybe the battery of the controller has run out, or it could be that the Swing button on the controller is faulty. If the problem is with the controller, then you can simply replace it with a new one, and you’ll be good to go.

Faulty Stepper Motor

The stepper motor is responsible for the swing’s 43-degree up-and-down movement. Because the stepper motor is a mechanical component, it tends to fail after a particular amount of time or usage. If it is the stepper motor that is causing the problem or is faulty, then you should call the customer support team of the brand where you bought the Window AC from. If it is under warranty period, then the AC company will send over someone to replace the stepper motor of your AC and you’ll be good for the most part.

Something’s Blocking AC Swing

Sometimes it happens when there is some sort of blockage in the way, and it is causing trouble in the movement of Swing blades. You can check it by inspecting the Swing part of your Window AC using a torch. And if you see some blockage, then you can simply open up the top casing of the Window AC and remove the blockage. This way, your Window AC swing should work just fine.

In the majority of cases, you’d be having issues with your Window AC Swing mechanism because of these reasons. And we have tried our best to let you know of the possible fixes that you can try to make it work again.