An Ultra-Luxurious Resort in Dubai – Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club Reviews

If you are looking for an ultra-luxurious resort in Dubai, you should check out Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club. There are presently six resorts under the Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club (LLVC), and they are operated as a unit under Royal Hotels in Dubai. We have compiled some important information about LLVC and its membership program on this page. Before we move ahead, we would like to mention that LLVC offers luxury stays in Dubai on a budget you like. Their luxurious rooms, extravagant services, and warm, welcoming staff make your trips really memorable. Their hotels & resorts offer a long list of amenities, and the hotel is suitable for tourists and business travellers. Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club Dubai is also an expert at customizing your package as per your vacation’s theme.

Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club Dubai

Resorts at Popular Locations in Dubai

As mentioned earlier, Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club is presently managing six resorts across Dubai. These resorts are all at amazing locations and have a lot to offer. Every resort allows you to select the room category according to your needs. Apart from this, LLVC recently launched Habtoor Collection. Under this new package, you get to experience the lavish lifestyle of Dubai.

Most hotel chains offer membership programs, and all of them spoil their members with additional benefits & discounts. LLVC also has a membership program which is split across multiple tiers. The benefits of the LLVC membership program are –

  • As much as 50% discount on your visit to Andreea’s Beach Club.
  • 25% discount on alcohol consumed at any LLVC bar. This is irrespective of your stay status.
  • Up to 25% discount on spa services and day trips.
  • Access to member-only special events.
  • Access to all 35 restaurants in LLVC.
  • Easy to access transportation services between Dubai Airport, Andreea’s Beach Resort, Emirates Mall and Andreea’s Beach Club.

Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club Dubai Reviews:

About Lifestyle luxury Vacation Club – Our membership works really good and we have received all the benefits written on our contract. It’s very simple, the benefits are based on the membership level. E.g. We cannot expect a villa when we only paid for a Junior Suite (standard room). Dubai has been ranked the third safest city in the world so its very false that a company stablished in Dubai will get your money and will do all the bad things you are saying on these fake reviews coming from the same person. It doesn’t make any sense. By Darik

Lifestyle luxury vacation club – I need to say first thank you so much for us giving invitations, I had a great time checking the facilities of Hilton hotel v hotel habtoor palace they offered me a life time deal im pleased to meet their team and spent great time with them today. Thank you everyone for agi3 me great experience. By Aaron

The presentations was very good. Staff were very welcoming. Polite and honest however there was a miss communication about receiving a gift of our choice when finishing with the presentation. They appeared to be very apologetic and help out finding a solution and thank you so much reception team for your gift and help us. thank you so much all lifestyle luxury vacation club staff for your service. By Tara