Why South Indian Movies Are Better?

You may have heard many people saying that South Indian movies are way better than typical Bollywood movies. Right? Well, that is true to some extent, and for sure, South Indian cinema has come a long way. People who don’t like watching South Indian movies always have one argument to make that most South Indian movies are very cringy. But think about it, you can find such cringy movies in every film industry, whether it is Bollywood or Hollywood. However, in our opinion, South Indian cinema has evolved quite a lot in recent years.

What Makes South Indian Movies Better Than Typical Bollywood Movies?

South Indian Movies

You can take a look at some recently released South Indian movies such as KGF, RRR, Kantara, 777 Charlie, Drishyam 2, etc. These are some movies that have taken the film industry by storm, and not just the Indian audience, but people all around the globe are now appreciating the filmmaking of the South Indian cinema industry. Let’s now have a look at some of the reasons why South Indian movies are truly better than other typical Bollywood movies.

1. Storylines And Themes

First of all, let’s talk about the themes and storylines aspect. Where Bollywood is still stuck to the typical romance drama movies, South Indian cinema has done quite a lot of experiments with various themes and storylines. And you can feel that by watching some of the recent hit South Indian movies. See, if the storyline, screenplay, and overall theme of the movie aren’t up to the mark, people definitely have a hard time feeling connected to the movie. And without a doubt, South Indian movie story writers, and directors have mastered this art. Also Read: Why South Indian Movies Are Worst?

2. Acting Performances

Another important thing that makes a movie hit is its characters’ acting performances. In this department, South Indian movies really excel. There is literally a long list of South Indian movie stars that have been appreciated for their impressive acting performances in various movies in different genres. Let’s take the recent hit movie Kantara as an example. Famous South Indian actor Rishab Shetty played the lead role in this movie, and the work he has done in this movie is phenomenal. Along with acting performance, he was also responsible for writing the script and directing the movie itself. Also check this: Are South Indian Movies Overrated?

3. Culture Representation

In our opinion, the thing that makes South Indian movies stand out the most is how they represent the Indian, specifically South Indian culture in movies. South Indian movies often draw upon the region’s rich cultural and historical heritage, which can provide a unique and engaging perspective for viewers. Also check: List of top Villains of South Indian Movies

4. Cinematography

The cinematography and sound design of South Indian movies are still some underappreciated things. But as these movies are drawing more and more people’s attention, the directors and filmmakers are also starting to get a lot of appreciation for their incredible cinematography work. Again, you can watch the Kantara and KGF Chapters 1 & 2 if you really want to know what South Indian movie directors are capable of in terms of cinematography.

All in all, the Indian movie industry is changing quite a lot, and definitely, South Indian cinema has influenced many filmmakers, and even audiences to demand such high-quality films.