Why My Front Camera Is Not Working? Possible Fix!

Front cameras have been around for quite some time now, and it is a fact that people use their handheld device’s front camera more often than the rear camera. That is because this is the era of selfies, and popular social media platforms have a greater influence on people that’s why they use the front camera of a device more than the rear one. Not just that, but whenever you want to video call or chat with someone, the front camera is quite useful.

But if you have been using handheld devices where you get the front camera as well, then you may have already seen the issue where the front camera of a device/smartphone sometimes doesn’t work. When you search it on the internet, you’d find that many people face this issue with their device, and they don’t know what to do to fix it. And that is why we are here with a detailed post about the possible reasons as well as fixes when your device’s front camera is not working.

Front Camera Is Not Working

Possible Reasons Why Your Device’s Front Camera Is Not Working

The following could be the possible reasons why you are having trouble using your device’s front camera.

  • Hardware Problem
  • Camera App Issue
  • Some Glitch Or Bug

In almost all cases, when there is a problem with a smartphone’s front camera, these are the likely causes. Let’s have a look at the possible fixes that you can use to fix the front camera problem.

1. Possible Fixes When Your Device’s Front Camera Is Not Working

Now let’s go over the possible fixes whenever you face either a hardware problem, a camera app issue, or there is some glitch or bug in your device.

2. Hardware Problem

You might be facing the front camera not working issue because the front camera component is damaged. Sometimes it happens when you drop your smartphone, the front camera portion gets damaged, that’s why it doesn’t load the camera. In this case, it would be better if you visit a nearby mobile repair shop and ask them to install a compatible front camera module. However, we’d suggest that you should always go with the compatible camera module option, or if possible ask the mobile repair shop people to install the original camera module.

3. Camera App Issue

In our opinion, this is the most common reason why people face front camera-related issues. First of all, we’d recommend you go to the app settings, and clear the cache memory of the camera app. Make sure to check the camera app permissions, if there are any restrictions in the permission settings, then without a doubt your camera app won’t work. And if it still doesn’t work, then it would be better if you factory reset your device, and then check it again. Or you can check whether there is a new operating system update available for your smartphone device. You can also try to install a different camera app for your device instead of using the default one.

4. Some Glitch Or Bug

Lastly, it could be that there is some sort of glitch or bug in your device, and that is why whenever you switch to the front camera, the camera app just closes. If this is what happens, then you should first restart your device, and if that still doesn’t work then try to factory reset your device. In most cases, the factory reset thing should work just fine.

There are no other hidden fixes than these that can fix the front camera issue of your smartphone device. Try the mentioned fixes one by one, and see whether you are able to fix the front camera issue on your own or not. Or else, visit a nearby mobile repair shop to have it fixed.

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