Dark Underarms? 4 Smart Ways to Lighten Them

Refraining from buying tank tops because you are afraid to reveal your dark underarms? Well, this is a tough decision most women have made at some time during their lifetimes. It’s no news that dark underarm skin has held them back from wearing certain clothes.

You, however, don’t need to do that anymore. With just a few steps and remedies, you can lighten your armpits and wear that sleeveless top anytime, anywhere. But to do that, first, let’s understand some of the key factors that cause the skin of your armpits to darken.


Here are a few explanations:

• Shaving: This is probably the most common cause. Repeated hair removal makes the pigment cells in the skin multiply faster than usual. Shaving your underarms very often can lead to this excessive multiplication of pigment cells. Shaving also causes irritation and abrasion, making the skin’s color appear darker.
• Deodorants: Often, deodorants that you use on a daily basis contain harmful chemicals like paraben, alcohol, and fragrance. They tend to react with your skin’s natural pigment, thus causing discoloration.
• Sweat: If you struggle with sweating profusely, you must be familiar with the odor that comes with it. Sweating makes bacteria build in your armpits, causing not only the smell but also the discoloration of the skin. This is aggravated because your armpit skin folds over itself, making these bacteria grow significantly faster.
• Improper skin care: Infrequent and improper exfoliation leads to the accumulation of dead skin cells in your armpits. These dead cells are the breeding grounds for the bacteria mentioned above.
• Friction: If you are someone who wears tight-fitted clothes regularly, that might be the cause of hyperpigmentation in your armpits. The fabric chafes your skin and irritates it, thus leading to darkened skin.
• Medical conditions: There are several medical conditions as well that may lead to the darkening of underarm skin. If you have diabetes or abnormal hormone levels, you might have acanthosis nigricans. Dark armpits are more often than not a symptom of such conditions.

So, what do you do?

Now that you have understood what might be causing the discoloration of your armpits, it’s time to act. While getting rid of your dark armpits overnight is unrealistic, you can certainly start with a few steps to help lighten them.

1. Take preventative measures

First, you need to bring about a few small but promising changes to your lifestyle. But then, there is nothing better than taking preventive measures to ensure the darkening of your armpits doesn’t get worse. We suggest you change your deodorant to a natural or floral alternative. You could also stop using deodorant altogether if that is an option.

You may also want to replace shaving and hair removal products with waxing or even laser hair removal procedures. If you need to shave, lather shaving cream properly before putting the razor on the skin, and make sure your blades are clean and new.

Wear clothes that are not too tight whenever you can. Let your armpits breathe to avoid the build-up of sweat. Maintaining a balanced body weight is also essential. Obesity leads to hormonal imbalances which in turn can lead to darkened skin.

2. Natural Remedies

These are easy to do, readily available at home, and have proven to work for some people so go ahead and give them a shot. Lemon has antibacterial properties. It is also a natural bleaching agent. Cut up slices of lemon and rub them on your underarms. After 10 minutes, rinse your armpits, pat them dry, and apply moisturizer. This can also help in the exfoliation of dead skin cells.

Turmeric is another great natural bleaching agent. You can mix turmeric with lemon juice in a small bowl and make a paste. Apply this to your armpits. After 30 minutes, wash the paste off and pat your armpits dry. Don’t forget to put on moisturizer.

Coconut Oil is widely available everywhere and has several uses. One of them is skin lightening because it has vitamin E. Applying coconut oil to your armpits by massaging it can prove remarkably effective. You could do this daily and wash it off after 15 minutes of application.

3. Exfoliation and moisturization

This is perhaps the most helpful and effective solution. Proper exfoliation and moisturizing of your underarms can reduce the irritation caused by external factors and get rid of dead skin cells. This significantly reduces the darkening and rejuvenates the skin.

Choose a gentle scrub to exfoliate two to three times a week. A natural ingredients-based moisturizer should also be used for the best results. We recommend Mamaearth’s Vitamin C Underarm Scrub and Cream. This Made Safe certified product is skin-friendly and deeply nourishes your skin naturally as they’re infused with qualities of lemon and turmeric.

4. Medications

For severe cases of hyperpigmentation, the above-mentioned ways might not work. That could be because the underlying cause of the darkened skin could be a skin disorder. However, do not take matters into your own hands and go for medications without any prescriptions.

If you think you have a skin condition that might be causing your armpits to darken, the most sensible thing to do is seek advice from a dermatologist. He/she might give you oral or topical medication that could be safer and more effective.

Use a face serum for glowing skin

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Your hygiene begins with you

Just like the reasons for the darkening of the underarms can’t be the same for everyone, the solution won’t be the same. The armpit skin is different and doesn’t react to treatments the way skin elsewhere does. Nevertheless, dark armpits are a common phenomenon and you should not worry.

Be patient with your skin as you try to figure out the best remedy for it. Then, follow the tips and contact your doctor. But most importantly, keep your head and arms up and confidence high!

Having said that, Mamaearth’s products are made of natural ingredients and they do not contain harmful chemicals. Its Vitamin C Underarm Scrub and Cream is suitable for all skin types and is dermatologically tested. So you can try this product if you long for a brighter armpit without negatively impacting your skin.