Types of Agriculture in India – Farming History of India

Agriculture is truly a backbone of the Economy of India. Perhaps you may know that India is an agricultural dominated country, that’s why most of the population here depends on agriculture. India is the second largest country in the world in terms of crop production. The importance of agriculture in rural areas of India is very much, which is one of the biggest and good means of living for their livelihood. India is today exporting very good crops to the world so India is a very good country when you are talking about the production of crops. Farming is done in different ways in different areas of India and if you want to go about them you will have to go through the following paragraphs of this same article.

Whether you talk about the different types of Agricultural or farming in India or about the different technique used you will find that the former of India are using different ways to produce the quality of crops in a higher number. In different regions of India, you can find that farmers are trying to use different methods of farming according to their needs and desires.  From the point of view of a farmer, they all try to make the most use of the available things as much as they can.


Different types of farming in India

India’s history has been very good in terms of agriculture, and since ancient times agriculture is given great importance by the people of India. Agriculture is completed in different ways in different rural and urban areas of India, which is a very fine thing when it is to produce more crops. If you want to know about India’s agricultural methods and their techniques in detail, then you have to consider the suggestions given.

Specialized Farming

Under specialized farming, the same type of farming is produced and the farmers usually depend only on its income instead of other resources. More than 50% income of a person usually depends on this cultivation. Tea, coffee, sugarcane, and rubber are some of the crops that are produced with the help of specialized farming. This Agriculture is very useful from the point of view of a farmer, so they depend very much on it.

The farmers who want to produce more crops in a quick time can give preference to specialized farming as it is becoming one of the most trustable ways to produce crops in a large amount. In some recent surveys and reports, it is confirmed that specialized farming is a good and reliable way to produce crops.

Subsistence cultivation

This is a great and reliable farming technique that most farmers of India use to produce more crops. In this type of farming, the farmer and his entire family meet different types of farming and they do this work together with each other. Farmers do this farming without the use of technology and modernization machines. They try to cultivate in a normal way and have no special Fertilizers or some other similar chemical products to use.

In this type of farming, the entire family of a former work together to produce crops and that’s why they have to put a lot of efforts together. To collect more details and proper details about subsistence cultivation now, you will have to browse some other similar online platforms without asking anyone else.

Ranching cultivation

In this type of farming, the crop growing of land is not ended, the agriculture of seeds, etc. is not completed nor crops are formed, but on the natural vegetation a variety of animals like sheep, goat, cow, camel etc. are given to eat. This cultivation is very popular in mountainous and plateau parts of India.

The farmers use this type of farming when they have to feed up their animals like sheep, goat, and cow. You can see this type of farming in the mountainous and plateau area of India without any doubt.

Shifting farming

This farming method is adopted by cleaning a wild area by farmers. This cultivation is known by different names in different regions of India and they mostly speak this cultivation in their own language. If you really want to know more about the shifting farming then you will have to browse some other similar online portals without asking anyone else.  You can reread this paragraph to make sure that you know something called basic about shifting farming.

Shifting farming is yet another important and vital type of agriculture in India. In order to make sure that you know everything about shifting farming, you will have to collect more details from other online portals.   The farmers in this method try to clean a wild area and then start doing the next steps of farming.  In easy words, the farmers have to clean the lands where they want to produce crops.

Dry Agriculture

Areas of India where the rain or rainfall is very low, Dry Agriculture is very useful for this type of farming. This is the kind of cultivation in which crops are produced without using water, and the farmers try to produce more quantity of crops. Most of the farmers use Dry Agriculture area where rains are not equal. To know more about dry agriculture, you will have to go through some other similar online portals without thinking twice.

Intensive farming

This is the type of farming method in which farmers use more quantities of pesticides to produce more good quality of crops. In different regions of the area this type of farming is also widely recognized as industrial agriculture. You will have to work a lot from the point of view of a farmer if you want to prepare good crops via Intensive farming.

Wet cultivation

The area or place of India where the excessive rainfall occurs, they use this method to produce crops in very high quantities. Wet cultivation is one of the finest and reputed types of farming in India about which you should know by using some other similar online portals. In the northeast and Western regions of India, This type of farming or cultivation is popular and the farmers love to give preference to wet cultivation.

Mixed agriculture

This is yet another exceptional type of agriculture of farming here in India about which you will have to know.  In this type of farming, farmers produce crops as well as keep animals and look after them. The co-workers or co-employees play a very important role in this type of farming method and under some new instructions, this thing has been considered.

These are some of the most popular types of farming in India about which you always want to know by surfing some other online platforms. These entire upper listed paragraphs and points given about the different types of farming in India can help you to make full use of the available information. But as a user, you should reconfirm all these types by using some other alike online platforms.

In the end, you can easily say that you know everything about the different types of farming in India. If you still have some doubts left there in your mind then you should reread all these paragraphs for at least one time.