Maharashtra Gramin Bank (MGB) Balance Enquiry Number, Missed Call & SMS, Customer Care Toll-Free Number

Maharashtra Gramin Bank (MGB) is located in Maharashtra and it was formed in the year 2008 after the government decided to amalgamate the two other rural banks. These banks were Aurangabad Jalna Gramin Bank and Thane Gramin Bank. Post amalgamation, these entities were known as Maharashtra Gramin bank. The new entity was sponsored by the state and central government along with the Bank of Maharashtra.

Today, the bank has over 400 branches and they sever six major regions in Maharashtra. These regions includes Thane, Latur, Beed, Nanded, Parbhani and Aurangabad.

If you are having an account in Maharashtra Gramin Bank then you can check out the information about the customer care number here. Apart from the customer care number, you can also find the details of internet banking and phone banking.

Maharashtra Gramin Bank (MGB) Customer Care Number

The customer care number for Maharashtra Gramin Bank is 1800 233 2133 and the number is available round the clock. You can get in touch with them when required and the agents will be happy to help you.

If you need to raise a complaint or if you need information about products and services then you can call the number listed above.

Checking Account Balance in Maharashtra Gramin Bank

Sometimes, it can be difficult to visit the branch and in such a case, you might have to use the digital methods to check the balance. They not only make it easy to check the balance but they also make it quick. Below are some of the digital ways that can be used to check the balance.

Missed Call Service for Maharashtra Gramin Bank

Maharashtra Gramin Bank doesn’t offer Missed Call banking yet and hence you would have to call the toll free number to get the details of the balance in your account. You can dial in 1800 233 2133 and follow the IVR to get the details of your balance.

Internet Banking for Maharashtra Gramin Bank

Maharashtra Gramin Bank also offers Internet Banking and the interface is similar to that of Bank of Maharashtra. You can visit the bank’s website on then you can click on internet banking to visit the page for internet banking.

If you find it difficult to navigate to the page for internet banking, then visit the link listed below to be redirected to the net banking portal.