Top 6 Best Vitrified Tile Brands in India

Vitrified tile is a ceramic substance that is produced by vitrification process. These tiles offer natural stone look for floors and these tiles are too strong which can tolerate heavy traffic. Vitrified tiles are an excellent alternative to granite and marble flooring. These are maintenance free and these resist scratching and other abrasion damage.

Many of the brands are selling beautiful vitrified tiles which are mostly being used for domestic as well as commercial purposes. Let’s checkout Top 6 Best Vitrified Tile Brands in India.

6. Kajaria Tiles

As it is the largest manufacturer of ceramic and vitrified tiles in India, it offers more than 1200 designs in ceramic wall, designers’ tiles and floor tiles. The quality and beauty of these tiles are simply amazing. These tiles come in different sizes meant for different spaces within a building. The wide range of colour and textures make these tiles enter most of the households of India.

5. Simolex Vitrified Tiles

Simolex Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter engaged in manufacturing ceramic and vitrified tiles. This brand is manufacturing various types of vitrified tiles like double charge tiles with a size of 600X600mm, soluble salt tiles with a size of 605X605mm, floor tiles with a size of 300X300mm and many more. Tiles from this manufacturer come in a wide range of colours and texture which is born out of creativity.

4. Sirex Designer Tiles India Private LTD.

Sirex designer tiles India private limited is one of the largest manufacturers of tiles and pavers in Kerala.  The products under this brand include concrete colored Roof tiles, Industrial Vitrified tiles, Heavy duty interlocking concrete pavers, Wall Cladding tiles, Garden Pavers, Stone textured pavers, Designer Tiles and many more.  These beautiful tiles are made in different sizes and the colours are too attractive to catch the view of the customers.

3. Sunshine Tiles Private Limited

Products from this brand enjoy popularity in Asia, the Middle East, South American, and Africa for their innovative designs and reliable quality. The size of the tiles under this brand begins with 150X150 and goes on increasing as per the different requirement of the customers. The amazing products from this brand are produced in a wide range of colours as well.

2. Oscar Ceramic

Oscar Ceramic tiles are beautiful creations that describe the users’ passion. The popular products come with a size of 300X300mm with outdoor design. These beautiful tiles are suitable for every corner of the house – be it kitchen or bathroom. The style and colours of the tiles are great. One can select from the wide range of natural wood-looking tiles to the bright bathroom tiles. The wall tiles from this brand have earned a special place in the mind of the buyers.

1. Oracle Granito Ltd

The Marbito tiles offered by oracle Gtanito Ltd have brought it a huge market share. The innovative designing and the better quality are the reason why it has been accepted both nationally and internationally. The product range under this brand comprises of soluble salt vitrified tiles and double charge vitrified tiles. These are manufactured in different sizes such as 600X600mm, 600X605mm, and many other sizes. The colours are varied which leaves the customers with a great deal of choice. The different colours vary from Arizona Brown, Arizona Dark Gray, Arizona Yellow, to Arizona ivory and many more.

These top brands are offering language to a modern life style which many of the rural households have also started adapting.

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