Top 10 Signs That A Girl Actually Likes You

For most men, the biggest mystery in a relationship is to find out whether a girl likes them or not. In fact, this is the key question for them, the answer to which holds the future of the relationship. Mostly, girls use signals other than verbal ones to indicate their liking towards a guy and it is on the guy to read these signals. Most of these are visible in the body language and expressions of the girl.

Here Are Top 10 Signs Showing That A Girl Actually Likes You:

1. Read her Eyes

Read her Eyes

If a girl looks back at you as you look at her or pass by, it definitely indicates her interest in you. Try and read the look in her eyes to understand the feelings they are expressing. If she has a friendly twinkle in her eyes, you’re in for a good tuning. And if she expresses anger, it is better to back out.

2. Smile means yes

Smile means yes

A smile on a girl’s face is another inviting sign which generally indicates that she likes you. A gleam in her eyes enhances the meaning of her smile and impend a positive relationship on its way.

3. She approached you for a conversation

She approached you for a conversation

Most of the time a girl will wait for a guy to strike a conversation, but if she makes an attempt to do the same, it is a definite sign that she is interested in you and wants to start up a relationship or move it a step ahead.

4. She shows interest in you and your life

She shows interest in you and your life

Next among the signs that a girl really likes you is the fact that she shows interest in you and your life. If she keeps asking you questions about your family, interests and profession, she is trying to signal that she wants to continue this relationship.

5. She enjoys your company and laughs with you

She enjoys your company and laughs with you

When a girl seems to enjoy your company and laughs with you at your jokes and antics, it means that she is giving you the signs of being interested in you. The more time she spends with you, the stronger are the chances that she will be drawn towards you.

6. She calls you or makes plans

She calls you or makes plans

Another sign of a girl’s interest in you is that she calls you often or plans outings with you, by which she implies that she is willing to spend time with you and know you better.

7. She gives compliments

She gives compliments

Usually, it is seen that a girl waits for compliments from a guy, but if it is the other way around and she is complementing you now and then, it means that you have definitely struck gold.

8. She gives you presents

She gives you presents

Next among the top 10 signs that a girl likes you is when she takes the initiative and presents you a gift, big or small.

9. She encourages physical contact

She encourages physical contact

If a girl wants to go ahead in the relationship, she will surely encourage physical contact from your side or even make an attempt to do so on her own. This is your time to grab a chance!

10. She introduces you to her family

She introduces you to her family

If she wants you to meet her family, you can be sure that she has a very strong liking for you because this is a very big step for any girl.

Just learn to read the sign language of your lady love and be geared to take your relationship on the next level!

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