Top 10 Payday Loans with No Credit Checks of 2023

Ever been in a situation where your next salary is still a few weeks afar off, but you’re caught up in some financial distress? Such emergency situations happen very often, and in those cases, payday loans can prove highly beneficial.

Payday loans offer you short-term funding to be repaid using the wages on your next paycheck. You can get up to $1,500 for a period of two to four weeks. These types of loans do not require any collateral.

However, for most people, their borrowing history may be a major obstacle. Thankfully, if you fall into that category, you can apply for loans from lenders that provide financing without credit checks.

Unsure about where you can access these platforms? We’ve combed through various payday loan service providers and picked out 10 of the best brokers offering to link you with lenders that offer no credit check funding this year.

WeLoans: Best Overall for No Credit Check Payday Loans


WeLoans is a foremost brokerage platform for bad credit borrowers where you can access access payday loans with no credit checks online. The broker partners with hundreds of reputable direct lenders who make funds available to intending customers.

At WeLoans, you simply need to fill out the online form to get started with your loan application process. Your information will be sent to lenders, who, in turn, provide offers that you can choose from. Funds are disbursed after necessary paperwork is out of the way, and you can expect to be credited in one to two business days. Learn more about WeLoans and find your payday loan options online, why not get it started now.


  • No prepayment penalties for early repayment
  • Best option for bad credit borrowers
  • Extensive network of potential direct lenders


  • Not a direct lender

iPaydayLoans: Best for Quick Approval and Funding


Known for its relaxed requirements, iPaydayLoans is another leading service provider that offers you fast approval, even if you have a bad credit score. All you need to do is provide a stable source of income, such as a salary check, alimony, or social security benefits.

Interestingly, your credit information is not subjected to a hard pull process. Instead, when you make early payments, it is reported to bureaus, and this can improve your credit score.


  • Offers relatively low annual percentage rates.
  • Loan approval takes only a few minutes


  • The broker does not have a mobile app

CocoLoan: Best for Bad Credit Borrowers

coco loan

CocoLoan is another platform where you can easily get online loans. The broker is famous for its customer-centered service and suitability for bad credit borrowers. You can get up to $5000 in payday loans as well as other funding options. Here, you’ll receive offers from a wide range of lenders, allowing you to compare rates and repayment plans.

A commendable feature available at CocoLoan is that you can engage a co-signer in your loan application. This person stands as a guarantor for your loan if you fail to repay.


  • CocoLoan has a very good customer support service.
  • There are different loan options aside from payday loans.
  • Lenders perform only a soft pull on your credit.


  • Borrowers pay extra fees for late payments.

EasyPaydayLoans: Best for Same-Day Funding Loans

easy loan

Get an escape from the harsh effects of bad credit with Easy Payday Loans. This platform connects intending borrowers with lenders who offer payday loans. The best part is that the direct lenders in EasyPaydayLoans’ network do not perform hard credit checks.

Besides, you can get loan quotes from lenders, up to $1,000, without any fees or hidden charges. When your loan application is approved, you can expect to receive your funds in your account within 24 hours.


  • Offers funding usually on the same day you apply.
  • Borrowers with low credit scores are eligible.


  • Bad credit payday loans have high interest rates.

HonestLoans: Best for High Payday Loan Amounts

honest loan

HonestLoans is a reliable credit service provider with operations across different states of the country. You can enjoy free loan quotes and compare multiple offers from direct lenders when you make an application through HonestLoans. Payday loans are available to the tune of $5,000 and are specifically designed for bad credit profiles. You can take out funding to consolidate debt, settle emergency bills, make repairs or pay for events.


  • Comparatively larger network of direct lenders than most other brokers.
  • Information submitted to the broker is protected with bank-level security.


  • Proof of income is necessary for intending borrowers.

UnityLoan: Best for Multiple Loan Offers

unity loan

Interested in a fully online payday loan application process? Then you should consider getting quotes from UnityLoan. The broker has one of the most significant coverages of direct lenders in the industry, thereby bringing you more loan offers than you can imagine. Although UnityLoan does not offer no credit check loans, its lenders have relaxed requirements and only perform soft checks that do not appear on your report.


  • Higher approval rates for bad credit borrowers.
  • There are no application fees or hidden costs.


  • Service is not available in multiple states.

MoneyMutual: Best for Mid-Range Payday Loan Amounts

MoneyMutual is best described as your one-stop shop for short-term loan options. Since its inception, the broker has worked closely with diverse lenders to bring payday and installment loans closer to people. Unlike most other brokers, you may not be able to get extravagant sums at MoneyMutual. However, you can be sure to receive suitable credit options, even if you have bad credit.


  • Best for midsize loans with lenient application requirements
  • Funds are disbursed by partner lenders within the same day


  • Interest rates are not fixed and can be higher than usual

US Bad Credit Loans: Best for Low Interest Rate Loans

us loan

This broker is a leading choice among borrowers who want to get the lowest interest rates on payday loans. At US Bad Credit Loans, you’re entitled to receive some of the best available payday loan quotes from a variety of top-rated lenders. The application process is swift, and you can expect to receive quotes within minutes of submitting your information. In addition, there are no hard credit checks, so your score will not be negatively impacted if you submit an application.


  • Quotes are not obligatory until you accept them
  • You can receive payday loans with co-signers
  • USBadCreditLoans partner lenders offer low interest rates


  • Borrowers need to show proof of income

CashAdvance: Best for Debt Consolidation

All credit score types are welcome at CashAdvance. The platform has been in the business of providing access to no credit check payday loans for several years. Borrowers can simply fill out their financial information on the CashAdvance website to get connected to quotes from reputable lenders. Payday loans from these lenders can be used for a wide range of purposes, including debt consolidation.


  • Helpful in building credit scores by reporting early payments
  • Borrowers can determine interest rates and repayment amounts before applying.


  • Not all states are eligible to enjoy services

US Title Loans: Best for Loans with No Credit Checks

Although specifically designed for title loans, US Title Loans also partners with payday lenders. That way, you can get loan offers from these lenders by simply submitting your information online. There is a high approval rate when you shop for payday loans with US Title Loans. But the best part is that loan offers come without hard credit checks. There is also no collateral but you may need to provide proof of income to be eligible for loans.


  • Extremely fast loan processing and funding time.
  • Multiple alternatives to bad credit payday loans.


  • Not a direct lender to approve fundings


With dozens of brokerage options available, it is important to weigh the advantages of each and choose one that best suits your needs. Nevertheless, your chances of getting a suitable no credit check payday loan with the best interest rate is higher with WeLoans. This is so because the broker has a more extensive network of lenders than most competitors.