Top 10 Most Unique Gift Ideas For Wife/Girlfriend

Birthdays are the best days of everyone’s life and gifts are the best things for female, they don’t need anything just a gesture of love and affection, especially in case of special someone. Birthday gift shows special care for her, as she ties every relation from his concern. She nurtures every relation without saying a word to others. It is said that female must adjust herself in any condition and must sacrifice her ambitions.

Let’s discuss 10 best birthday gift ideas for wife or Girlfriend:

10. Purses


Wives are treated as the symbol of prosperity, so they must be given gifts like purses etc.Gifts will flourish any relationship and It works as water to the fish for breathing, even if feel dulls or not. Wives are more precious than relatives because once chooses them on their own so if on has started any relation with anyone then it is his or her duty to remind the value of the presence of that person in life. Purses are the choice of every women, she loves to have according to her dresses. She likes to carry western look purses in western outfit.

9. Diamond jewellery

Diamond jewellery

Diamonds are forever as the love for your wife is forever. It enhances her beauty and love towards you. Gifts whether it can be on occasion or can be of thank you are just the token of love to express that you always value her, it  does not mean how much time you have spent with each other.   Gifts celebrate smallest occasions, it is the form of symbol It will also add your value in her life.

8. Spa – Gift

Spa – Gift

Just give her own time, other than family and friends so that she will come to know about her personality. Tensions, frustration, responsibilities all exhausts and decrease her beauty so if you want her beautiful do something for increasing her beauty. In this jazzed days of married life, mostly wives are devoting themselves towards family so they must be given “me time “for her. But on the other side women are preferring spa and becoming conscious for her mental, physical and spiritual beauty.

7. Apron


If your wife has the hobby of cooking for you, all the time then Kitchen Apron will surely help us to maintain the cleanliness of her dress. Apron has various designs like flowery Aprons, designer apron. You can gift her aprons according to your interiors.  Sometimes stains of oils and vegetables spoils the beauty of dress.

6. Perfumes


Odour gives new freshness in a relation and husband and wife needs to take care of each other in every condition. Perfume can be the greatest gift for women because it gives freshness to her mind and if sometimes she feels tensed then you can go for a sandal perfume; this rejuvenates her mind with positive thoughts.

5. Micro Wave Oven


Cooking is the passion of mostly housewives; she must not be taken for granted, if she is cooking at your house. After all she is giving all her time in the family chores.She is the cook of house so she must be provided everything to feel   her special. She can create various dishes and implement new ideas in the cooking. With the microwave oven, she can bake cakes, muffins and many more for the family. She can use her time according to her choice, by using entire genre of recipes which is totally dedicated to micro wave oven.

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4. Movie Tickets


It’s very different and romantic to give your wife movie tickets so that she can enjoy her time with her friends. Friends are the best among all stress busters so some time must be given to them other than all responsibilities. Meeting with her friends she will feel more happiness and connected with everyone, will not feel secluded from the society. Better to join them as you can become one of them in your wife’s life.

3. Anklets


Anklets are loved by every woman whether heavy or light, they both have their own value. During heavy dresses she can carry heavy anklets and during outing in easy outfits she can have light as well as classy anklets which add charm in her personality.

2. Make-up Kit

Make-up Kit

Going for shopping for a beauty conscious lady who wants to be in tip top position every time, then makeup kit is the best option. Being husband you can gift her water-proof make- up kit, it will increase her beauty and your fascination towards her. If you are very classy, then go for branded options available in the market.

1. Wrist – watch

Wrist – watch


If she is passionate of fashion accessories then go for a speaking wrist watch, various designer watches are in market to increase the beauty of hands of your better half. Watches were boring and old styled but not now. So don’t wait and watch others to purchase, be the first to get it for your wife and make her feel different as well as sophisticated.  Wrist watch helps her to be on time and keep your family up to date also.