Top 10 Most Traffic Congested Cities In India

Congestion and pollution have become hell of an affair in Indian cities. The poor infrastructure and the high rate of industrialization are even worsening the situation. It has been seen that the high volume of new private vehicles, inadequate public transport are increasing the problems even more. The various cities of India even have the problems of the inadequate knowledge about the traffic rules and many more. Almost all the major cities in India see huge traffic and congestion but here are the top 10 most traffic congested cities in India.

10. Ludhiana


Ludhiana is one of the most industrialized cities in Punjab. However, in last few years, the city has turned nightmares for the travelers. The private vehicle is growing at an alarming rate and the roads and traffic infrastructure are also not upgraded since long time. This has led to horrible congestion on the roads.

9. Kanpur

Kanpur Central Station

Kanpur is known for factories and industries. Kanpur is known for pollution and industrial waste. However, to add to the insult on injury, the traffic congestion of Kanpur has gone worse. The pedestrian movement, street parking and poor roads have made Kanpur worst hit. The average speed of vehicle in Kanpur is almost 16 KMPH. The lack of footpath and parking specs and lack of public transport make it worse.

8. Jaipur

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

The old and heritage city of Jaipur is equally horrible for the traffic congestion. The narrow roads and lack of proper infrastructure make the city crowded and impossible to travel around. The city sees high volume of traffic and it has huge number of private vehicles, many of these are not even registered. The congestion is increasing in this city with every passing day.

7. Chennai

Chennai Central Station

It is a tough ask to drive through the Chennai roads. One of the most horrible cities in terms of traffic, Chennai has worsen recently. The narrow roads and lack of infrastructure make it worse. The traffic sense of the people is also not up to the mark. The faulty signals make it worse for Chennai.

6. Hyderabad


The city has good traffic infrastructure and broad roads. However, despite that lack of traffic sense of people make the traffic worse. The city has close to 3.3 million private vehicles and the number is rising very fast and in such conditions the traffic is going worse to worst. Huge numbers of people have shifted to Hyderabad and make it even worse.