Top 10 Most Peaceful Muslim Countries in the World

I really don’t have those cryptic religious knowledge, belief, argue, philosophy or thoughts, even of my own religion (and I am not going to disclose which religion I belong to), but being damn frank, Islam is certainly wrapped with many sorts of controversies in contemporary arena. There are many examples of Islamic nations where life is worst than hell. However, there are some Islamic nations available in this world as well those are a way safe, and peaceful to live. Have a look!

10. Turkey


98% of the total population here are Muslims, and 72 % of they are Sunnis. Though adults here are seen in traditional attire, still contemporary fashion and sense of dressing is quite established here. Controversies or violence is least as well in comparison.

9. Algeria

Here 98.2 % of total population belong to Islam. Most of these are Sunni Muslims, and a very small number of those who fall under Shia. You can find a good number of population here as well those believe in Sufi philosophy. Religious controversies are much lesser here in comparison.

8. Bangladesh


Though one of its neighbour Islamic nations Pakistan is hugely affected with terrorism activities, still, the religious disturbances are much lesser in comparison here. About 90.4% of the total population here belong to Islam. However, Bangladesh people are not abiding with stringent Islamic rules that make it a pretty safe place to live in.

7. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Undoubtedly Saudi Arabia has been a great place of choice among professionals over the globe. With centres of extreme spiritual importance like Mecca and Medina, the place has been exemplary for other Islamic nations. 97% of the total population here are Muslims.

6. Maldives

Maldives is an Islamic nation, and 98% of the total population here are Muslims, and Sunni Islam is dominant to be specific. To accept the citizenship here you have to accept Islam. However, history says it was entirely a Buddhist nation by 12th century and Islam entered only after that.

5. Mayotte

Here we come up with another Islam dominated nation, but with much lesser violence in comparison. Statistics say 97% of the total population here are Muslims, and the rest three percent are Christians. Though most of the adults are seen with traditional attire, but western dressing patterns are also not uncommon.

4. Morocco

About 99% of the entire population here in the nation are Muslims. Most of these populations belong to Sunni Islamic groups. Upon taking a comparative dig, the violent activities here are much lesser in comparison with the other hard core Islamic nations.

3. Jordan

95% of the total population in Jordan are Islam. Most of they are Sunni Islam. Christians are minorities here. However, the constitutional grants of liberty in terms of religion have put a good global impression. Despite being a conservative nation, religious conflicts are comparatively lesser here.

2. Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia

90% of the total population here belong to Islam. Indonesia is the nation involved with much lesser religious conflicts in comparison with the other Muslim nation. In fact, it is constitutionally a secular nation. Most of the Muslims fall under Sunni category.

1. Kuwait

Kuwait witnesses a huge number of visitors every year, and it is enough to depict the safety of the place. The best part is that despite involving Sunni and Shia Muslims in good numbers, the nation has managed to avoid conflict. Here about 60% are Sunni Muslims, and 40% belong to Shia category.

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