Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Hero Bikes/Scooty In India With Price

Hero Moto Corp one of the leading manufacturers of Bikes and Scooters in India has its base in New Delhi, India. The brand is a well-known name amongst the population of India and has registered itself as one of the most efficient Bike manufacturers with a trust of long-lasting trust. Hero Moto Crop was formally known as the Hero Honda and Company’s collaboration with Honda ended in 2012, the name of Hero shines as the largest manufacturer of Two-wheeler Company in India.

The total share of Hero in the present Two-Wheeler category is 46%. This Festive season if you are dreaming of owning a fuel efficient Hero Bike, you are confused over the vast choices available. Don’t lose faith as the list of 10 most fuel efficient Hero Bike will surely help you in the process to choose the best.

10. Hero MotoCorp Pleasure

Hero MotoCorp Pleasure

The Lightweight bike cum scooter has earned 10th spot in our list as Pleasure model of Hero is a popular brand amongst Girls, this fuel efficient rider is equipped with Air-cooled technology Engine and offers 4-stroke single cylinder OHC Engine. Pleasure comes with self-start technology and offers a mileage of 40-45kmpl that will surely help you to ride with minimal fuel expenditure. The Single Cylinder Engine offers Maximum power up to 5.03 KW @ 7000RPM and the Maximum Torque power offered by Pleasure is 7.85Nm @ 5000RPM. The fuel tank capacity of Pleasure is 5 liters. All these quality with the price tag of INR 45, 905 marks it best.

9. Hero MotoCorp Glamour

Hero MotoCorp Glamour

The name is worth its features as the glamorous mesmerizing looks with efficient performance has named Hero MotoCorp Glamour as one of the most favored Bikes in India. The Company offers Air Cooled, 4-Stroke Single Cylinder OHC Engine for a powerful performance. The power of displacement 124.5cc with a maximum power of 6.72 KW and the Maximum Torque power of 10.35Nm @4000 RPM tagged it as powerful rider partner, the mileage offered is 81.1kmpl.

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8. Hero MotoCorp Maestro

Hero MotoCorp Maestro

Another light weight bike cum scooter in the list is successfully counting a stiff competition to Honda’s Activa has been rated as 8th Best Efficient Hero Vehicle. The fancy looking, Maestro, offers Air Cooled Technology based 4-stroke single cylinder OHC Cylinder. Maestro offers displacement of 109cc. Maximum power of 6.0 KW and the Maximum Torque power of 9.10Nm @ 5500 RPM. All these quality with 50kmpl mileage calls it best.

7. Hero MotoCorp Ignitor

Hero MotoCorp Ignitor

The ignitor is a well-known name amongst younger generation as the Bike with efficiency offers Sports Bike alike looks. With Hero’s trust and Sports Bike looks, Ignitor offers Air Cooled Technology based 4-stroke single cylinder OHC Cylinder. Displacement offered by Ignitor is 124.5cc, the maximum power generate by Ignitor is 8.20KW @ 8000rpm and the maximum Torque offered is 11Nm with 5000rpm. All these powerful qualities with 55kmpl mileage are Heroes best.

6. Hero MotoCorp Passion Pro

Hero MotoCorp Passion Pro

Passion is the most famous and favored Bike series of Hero, the Pro generation of Passion adds more feature to count it as bliss bike. Passion Pro offers Air Cooled Technology based 4-stroke single cylinder OHC Cylinder, the displacement offered is 97.2cc. The best thing about Passion Pro is its 84kmpl mileage with an easily accessible price range of INR 45,000-50,000.

5. Hero MotoCorp HF Dawn

Hero MotoCorp HF Dawn

Famous for its vintage look with the combination of best technology features, HF Dawn model has counted its entry as the top 5 Hero Bikes in a range of efficiency. The model offers Air Cooled Technology based 4-stroke single cylinder OHC Cylinder with mileage of 70kmpl and a decent price range of INR 37,350.

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4. Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe

Hero MotoCorp HF Deluxe

The Deluxe variant of HF model is the new advancement in the series of HF Deluxe bikes, this fancy looking bike offer offers Air Cooled Technology based 4-stroke single cylinder OHC Cylinder. The budget friendly Bike provides 70kmpl mileage with the attractive price range of INR 39,750.

3. Hero MotoCorp Passion xpro

Hero MotoCorp Passion xpro

The latest variant in the Passion series xpro has been shown thumbs up by the Indian audience, offers Air Cooled Technology based 4-stroke single cylinder OHC Cylinder, Passion Xpro offers displacement of 109.1cc. Latest equipment equipped Passion xpro deals with 60kmpl mileage.

2. Hero MotoCorp Super-Splendor

Hero MotoCorp Super-Splendor

Splendor has splendidly shines as the top Hero manufactured Bike that makes way altogether at the top position, the Super-Splendor model is the second most efficient bike offered by Hero. The SuperBike comes with Air Cooled Technology based 4-stroke single cylinder OHC Cylinder. Assuring 90kmph top speed and mileage of 70kmpl gives you power and performance. Price range 49,224-50,000.

1. Hero MotoCorp Splendor NXG

Hero MotoCorp Splendor NXG

The latest and the most efficient technology filled Splendor NXG stands at the peak when it is talk about efficiency, the bike is packed with offers Air Cooled Technology based 4-stroke single cylinder OHC Cylinder. Offering 70kmpl efficiency and affordable price range of 42,750-46,258 named Splendor NXG as the most fuel efficient Bike.