Top 10 Most Expensive Television in the World

With the technology advancing at a faster pace, many new inventions and technologies can be seen in the markets. Televisions are one such kind of invention which has eased the lives of men and provided them with comfortable means of getting information about the rest of the world. Most of the television brands manufacture televisions which are less costly and everyone can afford it. But, to name a few, there are certain television sets which are custom designed only for the richest sections of people. Luxury matters to each and everybody and only some can afford the sheer density of luxury. The price tags of these televisions are high because of the presence of precious metals in many of them.

The top most expensive television sets in the world are :

10. LG 84 inch TV

LG 84 inch TV

With pictures shown in ultra high definition, The LG 84 inch TV changes the way a person views pictures in the television. With built in 3D technologies in the television itself, the TV provides you with a real life image of the picture being shown on the television. The pixel count goes up to 4000 counts which is capable of giving you a rich experience of watching movies. The cost of this television comes to around $20,000.

9. Sony 84 inch TV

Sony 84 inch TV

Presence of 10 driver stereo system in the television, you can get the greatest sound quality that you have ever witnessed. The resolutions of the pixels come to 3840 by 2160 pixels giving a high definition watch. The stereos are placed at the sides of the television and it can give you the scenario of watching movies in halls. The price of Sony 84 inch TV can be estimated at $2,000.

8. Samsung UHD S9

Samsung UHD S9

A 85 wide screen TV, The Samsung UHD S9 is described by its makers as the most stylish and innovative designed television. With a Pro LCD Panel and 2.2 sound system built in it, you will be amazed by the picture quality that this television can provide. A black TV with QuadCore Processor, it has many advanced features present in it. This TV falls in the category of high definition TV’s. One can expect the price to be $38,000.

7. Panasonic TH 103VX200W

Panasonic TH 103VX200W

A high definition Television with the pixels supporting 1,920 by 1,080 pixels. Along with the experience of 3D viewing in the television itself, it also provides 3D glasses along with it. The colour processing in the television is made better with a 30 chip processor present in it because of which one can get high versions of colours in the television. The quality is just superb and beyond comparison with the presence of four HDMI sockets. The price of this television is about $1,00,000.

6. Yalos Diamond

Yalos Diamond

Kemyat Industrie of Italy is the brand behind the production of Yalos diamond television. The Television is studded with 160 diamonds in the panel which shines bright and gives one the feeling of luxury. The diamonds make up to about 20 carats which also makes the television heavy. The size of the television is 46 inches wide which increases the quality and amazement of watching. The television is so intricately designed that no screws can be seen hanging from it. The cost of this television is around $1,40,000.

5. BeoVision 4

BeoVision 4

A 103 inch wide plasma screen television  is sure to give you a theatre experience. The display picture provided by it is 100 Hz which makes it so grand and amazing. This television comes with many advanced features such as auto control mode, adjust viewing angle, and also auto colour management to match with you needs and protect your eyes. The plasma screen makes it a positive. This TV costs around $1,40,000.

4. Sharp- LB 1085 LCD TV

Sharp- LB 1085 LCD

A 2008 launched product, the Sharp LB 1085 LCD TV is known for the brightness that it provides. The display is calculated to be 400 cd/m2. The television responses in just 6 milliseconds with the picture quality at 1080 p. A 176 viewing angles are provided in it with 1 DVI and 3 HDMI ports just attached to the television. The price is estimated to be about $1,60,000.

3. Panasonic 152 Inch Plasma TV

Panasonic 152 Inch Plasma TV

A resolution so bright and amazing which stands at 4096 by 2160 pixels. The television is also heavy in size weighing around 172 pounds. 3D picture quality can be expected with HD picture resolution. It can make you feel like watching at a hall. The price of this television is $5,00,000.

2. Stuart Hughes’s PrestigeHD Supreme Edition

Stuart Hughes PrestigeHD Supreme Edition

A television just designed for the ultra rice section of people. The screen is made of 22 K gold with 19 kilograms of yellow gold. 48 brilliant cut diamonds are used in round shape and which weighs 0.75 per carat. Topaz and Aventurine gems are used in this television. The price is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

1. Stuart Hughes’s SupremeHD Rose Edition

Stuart Hughes PrestigeHD Supreme Edition

A 55 inch wide television, this is the latest edition of the previous Start Hughes manufacture. This is the most costly television and it is made of 18k rose gold with 72 round cut diamonds weighing 1 carat each. The weight of the television is 28 kilograms and the price is $2.26 million.

These are the top expensive televisions which are designed keeping in mind the aura of luxury.

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