Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs Breed Around The World

Dogs won the league of being the most trustable pet with extended many qualities from guarding your house to play as a mate to your child and most importantly stands for you as the truest friend with just love and care demanded in return. The dog lovers around the world have shown extreme love for expensive breeds as pure and rare breed around the world leads to earning these dogs with bulky amounts.

Several factors count to call a breed expensive, the dog lovers will surely be amazed to know about the most expensive Dogs breed around the world and the sum of money people are ready to pay to grab their loved breed.

10. Chow Chow 

Chow Chow

This Chinese Dog enters the league of Most Expensive list grabbing the 10th spot, the world famous Chow Chow Dog is famous in China with its mythological name “Songshi Quan” that means “Puffy-lion Dog”. The most exotic quality that counts its gigantic price tag is its ancient breed, the Chow Chow Dog has its origin far back in 300 B.C since that period it is serving humans for different purposes as hunting, birding and guarding. The medium-sized dog is recognized with its round muzzle blue-black tongue and lion puffed coat.

Price: $3,000-$9,000

9. Pharoah Hound 

Pharaoh Hound

Pharoah Hound is also called as the national dog of the Malta region, price tagged in between $3,000 to $7,000 is our 9th spot Dog with zealous performance and ability to train fast.

Pharoah Hound is known to be the Dogs with least or no Body fat that made them quickest and adept jumpers. However they are not connected on any grounds with ancient Egypt, rumors and myths around the globe call Tesem Dogs ancestors of Pharaoh Hound. Easy to train and independent dogs have huge fans around the world.

Price: $3,000-$7,000

8. Akita 


Akita is the most expensive Japanese Dog and stands at the 8th position worldwide, the hard to get pure breed Akita has the price tag of $3,500. Akita dog breed can be categorized as Independent, Spitz and dominant. The Japanese Dog is the most trustable guard to your home as it aloof with strangers and show immense love for family and friends. Akita’s are tough breed externally but being allergenic to different drugs marks the task to take care of them sophisticated.

Price: $3,500

7. Chinese Crested Hairless 

Chinese Crested Hairless

The lovers of exotic looks will surely find this breed of dog a perfect choice, price tagged as $5,000 this royal and a lavish looking dog has no hair on its body that’s why people call it crested hairless. Topping the list of the strangest league of dogs, Chinese Crested Hairless dogs have a single layer of fur-coated on their skin and are small dogs.

Price: $5,000

6. Tibetan Mastiff 

Tibetan Mastiff

Generally called as Tibetan Mastiff and found in Asian regions such as China, Nepal, Ladakh and Tibet, these dogs are generally installed in homes as flock Guardian, the quality to sleep majorly in the day time and guarding house with an alert at night marks them best security personnel.

Price: $5,000-$9000

5. Canadian Eskimo Dogs 

Canadian Eskimo Dogs

Largely popular with the name Canadian Eskimo Dogs are vulnerable to cold climate and are known as one of the rarest and oldest Dog Breed that has a price tag of an astonishing amount of $6,000. These dogs are domestic canines, cute appearance doesn’t categorize them as harmless as these are good home guards.

Price: $6,000

4. German Shepherd 

German Shepherd

German Shepherd is the most intelligent and versatile chain of Dogs, adaptable to different climatic conditions around the World marked them as one of the popular and friendly face around the globe. With a minimal price tag of $6,500, these dogs were generally used in past to guard and herd flocks of sheep. Now being a prominent security skill, these dogs are seen in bomb diffusing squad, police, war, and rescue.

Price: $6,500

3. Samoyed Dogs 

Samoyed Dogs

The Siberian breed of dogs was used to pulling sleds by the nomadic reindeer, the cutest dog in the list is tagged as $6,500 to $12,000 in price. These dogs are best companions for the little ones in the family and can be overprotective sometimes. Well, training will help them to be firm and socialize with ease.

Price: $6,500-$12,000

2. Rottweiler 


The large sized domestic dogs are the no.2 spot achiever in most expansive dogs around the world, these dogs are devoted, obedient to owners and guards to your home. If not trained well they can be aggressive in nature, proper training and love will surely add them as the lovable member to your family. These dogs are used in police, guard, war and military.

Price: $7,000

1. Lowchen 


The Lowchen Dogs most rare breed in the world makes way to the top of our list, these dogs are generally termed as small lion-like dog or toy dog, generally natured as non-sportive dogs. Lowchen is the most unique and rarest dog species in the world.

Price: $7,500


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