10 Famous Delicious Chicken Recipes in India

India is a land of diversity, whether you talk about languages, geographical features and cuisines. A simple vegetable or chicken is cooked in so many different ways by cuisines all over India, that it is bound to give you a great surprise with distinct taste linked with all these recipes. There are so many different flavors and textures in this dishes that you will remember their unique tastes for a lifetime. Every region of the country cooks chicken is a diverse way, but amazingly, each one is able to bring out the best in it.

Listed below are the top 10 best chicken recipes in India:

1. Amritsari Murgh Makhni

One of the most loved chicken recipes in the country is Amritsari Murgh Makhni, a dish which reflects the traditional taste of the Food Paradise City of Amritsar. One of the best examples of Punjabi cuisine, this one cooks boneless chicken pieces in rich gravy made up of tomatoes and cream, enhanced with the flavors of aromatic spices.

2. Teekha Murg

This chicken recipe is a hot favorite of those who love spicy food, as the name suggests that this one is going to set your taste buds on fire. Chicken pieces are cooked to tender and spiced up in tangy masalas. This recipe uses healthy mustard oil and the spicy hot flavors are balanced using tomatoes liberally.

3. Kerala Chicken Roast

After the amazing and rich chicken recipes of the North, we have a unique tasting one from down South in the list of top 10 chicken recipes. This is a recipe in which chicken is fried to make it crisp and is flavored with a generous quantity of lime juice. It is a favorite among young and old alike.

4. Murg Malaiwala

Featuring next on the list of best Indian chicken recipes is Murg Malaiwala, which is made by cooking tender drumsticks of chicken in aromatic spices along with fragrant rose petals, saffron, milk and cream to give it a heavenly taste and aroma.

5. Chicken Chettinad

Chicken Chettinad is another signature chicken recipe of South India, which is perfect for the typical Indian taste, which is inclined on the hot fiery side. This dish is inspired by the Chettinad cuisine of Tamil Nadu, as suggested by its name and uses generous helping of coconut paste and southern spices for adding a distinctive taste to the chicken.

6. Chana aur Khatte Pyaaz ka Murg

Another unique chicken recipe to tempt your taste buds is Chana aur Khatte Pyaaz ka Murg, which involves cooking pieces of chicken in a unique gravy made up of chickpeas (chana) and pickled onions, giving the dish an unmatched flavor and texture.

7. Kadhai Chicken

Kadhai Chicken is a typical North Indian recipe, which blends a variety of flavors in one dish. The basic ingredients of the recipe include chicken, bell peppers, lemon, jiggery, tamarind and a range of homemade spices.

8. Butter Chicken

An Indian chicken recipe which has made it big on the international circles is butter chicken, the rich creamy recipe which is the trademark dish of North India. It is made by marinating chicken overnight and then cooking it in plenty of cream, masalas and tomato puree.

9. Masaledar Chicken Lollipop

The next chicken recipe to feature on this list is Masaledar Chicken Lollipop, which is a favorite dry snack, coming in fried form of chicken, carrying the flavor and aroma of typical Indian spices.

10. Chicken Dum Biryani

A brainchild of Mughlai cuisine, Chicken Dum Biryani is a recipe with huge fan following the world over. This recipe involves cooking rice along with tender boneless pieces of chicken and a large variety of aromatic spices, all put together in a handi. The handi is covered and sealed with flour, and allowed to simmer on low heat to absorb the delicate flavors of masalas and make a wonderful delicacy.

All these chicken recipes from around the country reflect the amazing diversity in flavors, which you can get nowhere in the world, but India. So try it today!

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