Top 10 Biggest Terrorist Attacks in The World

5. Truck Bombing of US Embassies

A total of 303 were killed with over 4,954 injuries.  This happened in 1998 where US embassies in Nairobi, Kenya  and Dar es Salaam,  Tanzania were bombed by trucks carrying up to 17 tons of high explosives. The target was American property but it ended up mostly affecting indigenous civilians. The attack was linked to Egyptian Islamic Jihad.

4. Beslan Massacre

In this attack which happened on September 1, 2004, 366 lost their lives and 747 got injured. It happened in Beslan, Russia where Ingush and Chechen insurgents held 1100 people hostage of which 777 were children.

3. Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing

On April 19, 1995, 169 people died and 675 others were injured by acts of terrorism which was linked to religious extremists. A truck bomb exploded in Oklahoma city, destroying the federal building and killing several people.

2. 1st World Trade Center Bombing

6 died and 1040 were injured in this bombing which happened on February 26, 1993.  The Liberation Army,5th Battalion claimed responsibility where a van was driven into the world trade center and exploded causing a 98 feed wide hole through four levels of concrete causing death and injuries.

1. 9/11 Attack

9/11 Terror Attack

2993 people lost their lives and 8,900 were injured when the extremist Al Qaeda under Osama Bin Laden attacked the New York City’s World Trade Center by two planes crashing into it after being hijacked. A third plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington while a fourth one which was destined to crash in Washington DC crashed in a field in Summerset County.

You will agree that what we have listed are some of the worst terrorist attacks that have happened in the past that were so damaging that the whole world came out condemning them. Some issues have prevention and remedies for them, but when it comes to terrorism, it is the only issue which remains great threats to countries around the world. Share this information with your social network to let them know about this heinous acts of terrorism.

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