Top 10 Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Brands in India

As the technology grows, it caters to the need of the persons and makes their life convenient. There are various machines which are there that had made the life easy and simple. One of the machines which had made the work easy of washing the clothes is the semi – automatic washing machine. As the life had become busy with the time it has solved the purpose of saving time. The clothes which are washed in them clean the clothes nicely and in an effective manner. The amount of detergent which is used in washing also decreases.

Here is some of the top best semi-automatic washing machines in India with model name, price and features, which had been brought widely such as –

10. Godrej 


The model of the machne is GWS6203 PPD with a capacity of 6.2 kg. It has the powerful motor of 350 watts and spin motor with 140 watts. It has the loading from top and does use much of water. This is made up of the material which is rust proof. This increases the life of the machine. The price of this machine is around Rs 9700/-.

9. Videocon 

Videocon VS75Z11 Zaara Royale

The model which best is VS75Z11 Zaara Royale with the capacity of around 7.5 kg. This is the top loading machine and the lid is transparent. There are 4 different preset programs for washing so depending on the type of clothes one can wash the clothes. It also contains a magic filter which collects all the fibers and fur or hair. The washing motor is about 380 watts and the spin motor is about 180 watts. It has 2 years of warranty. The price of the machine cost around Rs 11000/-.

8. Whirlpool 


The model superb Atom 601 which as the capacity of around 6 kg. This machine gives the facility of 3 programs of washing. It comes with the top loading and comes with wheel for moving easily. It consumes around 350 watts of power, wash motor with power 340 watt and spin motor of 150 watts. The speed of spin to maximum is around 1400 rpm. It has the comprehensive warranty of around 2 years. The cost of the machine is around Rs 9000/-.

7. Panasonic Panasonic

The model of the machine is NA – W65B3RRB with the top loading. It has the capacity of 6.5 kg with the consumption of power 400 watt. The motor of washing is 350 watts and spin motor is 160 watt. This machine weight around 32 kg. One can wash the clothes with 2 different modes. The body of this machine is rust free which increases the life of the machine and also comes with a warranty of 2 years. The cost of it is approximately Rs 10000/-.

6. Intex 


The model is WMS62TL with the top loading feature. It has the capacity of 6.2 kg. In this there is the smart saver mode with 2 of the washing modes. One can select the water level as per the quantity of clothes. The spinning capacity is around 5 kg. The weight of the machine is 23.5 kg approximately. The motor of washing consumes 340 watts and spin motor consumes 150 watts. The material used in this is rust free and shock free too. The cost of the machine is around Rs 9000/-.

5. Haier 


The model of the machine is XPB62-0613AQ with the capacity of 6.2 kg. It consumes the power of around 621 watts. It forms the bubble from below which cleans the clothes effectively and removes the stains which are not easy to wash. The speed of spin and the dryer is around 800 rpm. The weight of the machine is around 35 kg. This machine has the warranty of around 5 years with a cost of around Rs 10000/-.

4. Hyundai 


The model is HYS72F having capacity of 7.2 kg in top loading. It has three modes of washing the clothes from Heavy to gentle. It has the comprehensive warranty of 2 years. It consumes the power of 350 watts and spinning speed of 1350 rpm. This machines comes at a cost of around Rs 9000/-.

3. Onida 


The model of the machine is WS65WLPT1LR Lilliput with the capacity of 6.5 kg. It has very compact designs which make it look appealing. The lid is transparent, which let it see the result of the wash. The body of the machine is rust free with the powerful motor of 270 watts. The cost of the machine is Rs 5000/- approximately.

2. LG (Life’s Good) 


Model of the machine is P7853R3SA with a capacity of 6.8 kg. It has the roller in the pulsator, which gives extra friction to the clothes and results in better cleaning. There are 4 washing modes which one can choose. It has the base of plastic which has the coating of chemicals to protect the machines from rodents. The cost of the machine is around Rs 12000/-.

1. Samsung 


The model is WT1007AG with the wash capacity of 8 kg. The machine is rust proof and the knob is coated with chrome. The wall of the machine has the effect of scrubbing which makes the clothes efficiently clean giving the effect of hand wash. It has the silver nano technology which removes all the odor of body and germs from the clothes. It comes with 10 minutes of drier, which makes the clothes almost dry. The cost of the machine is around Rs 14000/-.

This semi automatic machine saves a lot of time and one can utilize this time in doing other work meanwhile the clothes are washed in the machine. With the time, a lot of energy is also saved.




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