Top 10 Best Roti (Chapati) Maker Brands in India

The modern era stands for its pace and quality both, there are small appliances discovered in the recent times that have grabbed a good hold in the market, the available choices that make the kitchen task easy and demonstrating the idea of men and women are equal with women working in large scale MNCs and running profitable Businesses. Don’t bother about the needs you things to manage at home, forming spherical rotis with a time-consuming method of letting it puff up for great taste and health is the most irritating but most crucial task in the kitchen. There are two types of Roti Makers available in the market; Electronic Roti Makers-these Roti Makers not only help you to shape Roti s and Chapattis in best form, they also let you quickly bake it in 20 to 30 seconds, the 2nd type of Roti Makers only help you to shape the Atta, you need to cook it on stove or tawa.

To save your time series of Roti Makers is the new kitchen favorite of ladies in the kitchen, the ease to use quality of these Roti Makers also helps amateur male counterparts in the kitchen to serve you best in grade Rotis with no burn or black marks.

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Roti Makers brands in India and the data is analyzed as per the reviews of the customers and also based on the value for money.

10. Eagle Roti Maker

Eagle Roti Maker

Eagle Roti Maker enters our list with a 10th spot as the Roti maker is based with an aluminum base that helps to form the non-sticky base and helps to ease own the task with no hectic process. Stainless Steel coating marks it a durable product, sleek design, and less weight are the other positive features of the Roti Maker. Temperature control and automatic on-off switch help to consume low electricity.

Price Range: INR 700 to 900

9. Zaisch Roti Maker 

Zaisch Roti Maker

The Roti Maker comes with different color combinations to add more stars to your kitchen beauty; the color combinations are available as Silver, Blue, and Red. The detachable handle adds more easiness to control the machine. Shock-Proof Body, Thermostat Temperature control, and nonstick base are the other leading quality of the Roti Maker.

Price Range:  1000

8. ChefPro Roti Makers 

ChefPro Roti Makers

The 950 Watts Roti Makers offers stunning looks and easy to use manuals for perfect roti and wraps, non-stick coated plates and dial in the middle to control the temperature are the top rated quality of the ChefPro Roti Makers. The Dial helps the customers to set the heat as per the preferred value, the shock-proof body is the most likable quality of the Roti Makers. The company has tagged the product with the starting price range of INR 2,750.

Price Range:  2,750

7. Jaipan Roti Maker 

Jaipan Roti Maker

The Jaipan Jumbo Roti maker is the multi-use appliance as besides just baking Roties, the Roti Maker helps to form Papad, paper dosa, and Pancakes with an ease. The non-stick pans of the Roti Makers are easy to clean; Stainless steel body helps to make the product durable. The shock proof body and heavy duty usage mark the product the best buy option. All these quality and affordable price range label Jaipan Roti Makers as best value for money.

Price Range:  1600 to 1800

6. Baltra Roti Makers 

Baltra Roti Makers

Baltra is a well-known kitchen based appliance manufacturers in India, the elegant silver color model of the Roti Maker will surely add more beauty points to your kitchen. The top rated features of the product carry non-stick coating, dual heating function, heat indicator as light with automatically on-off power button. The best buy price range of the product is INR 1400.

Price Range:  1400

5. Athena Libra Roti Maker

Athena Libra Roti Maker

Athena Libra is one of the few new start-ups in India, the Roti Maker priced under the company are offered as affordable price range with sleek and compact body design. The Roti Makers helps users to get round roti, nonstick away amd usage indicator are the other top rated features of the product. The Roti Maker is best suited for the bachelors with less use of roti daily and wants durable product.

Price Range:  900

4. Maharaja Whiteline Roti Maker 

Maharaja Whiteline Roti Maker

Maharaja Whiteline is the leading name in the home based appliances; the company offers 900W best power based appliances with non-stick base and convenient handle technology. The quality product best served for the purpose of Roti, Parathas, Khakhra etc. The Roti Makers has a thermal fuse that automatically switched off after reaching the right temperature.

Price Range: 1400 to 1800

3. Sunflame Roti Maker 

Sunflame Roti Maker

Sunflame stands as another leading name in the home based appliances, the Roti Maker is steel oriented for a better durability, the nonstick plates offer oil free cooking. The other top rated quality of the Roti Maker is easy lifts handle and power indicator.

Price Range : 1100 to 1600

2. Bajaj Vacco Chapatti, Roti Maker 

Bajaj Vacco Chapati, Roti Maker

Bajaj needs no introduction as the leading name in the home appliances based products, the Bajaj Vacco Chapatti and Roti Makers comes with no temperature control as the smart technology helps the product to control the temperature and offer best of Chapatti and Roti. Apart roti the other easy delicious foods are papad, parathas, and khakkhara.

Price Range: 1500

1. Prestige Roti Maker 

Prestige Roti Maker

Prestige Roti Maker PRM 1.0 stands as the top position in the list as it carries many features ranging in power indicator, adjustable temperature knob, shock proof body. The easy to use nonstick base in order to clean it after every use helps to form healthy roti with affordable price range.

Price Range: 1900





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