Top 10 Best RAM Brands In India For Computer/PC/Laptops

Everybody who uses PC, laptops or computer must be familiar with the term RAM for sure. The full form of RAM is Random Access Memory. You can say that RAM is a place in the computer or laptop where the OS (operating system), all the application programs as well as the data which you are us in gis stored so that it can be rapidly grasped by the processor of the device. It is also quite quicker from where it can be read or write as compared to the other types of storages in the PC, for example, solid-state drive (SSD),a hard disk drive (HDD), oran optical drive. The information or the data stays in the RAM until the computer is functioning. As soon as the PC is turned off, the PC’s RAM loses the data and when again you turn ON the computer, the other files, and operating system will once again get loaded into the RAM, generally from an SSD or HDD.

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The maximum number of computers let the users upsurge the capacity of the RAM modules to a definite limit. When you have more RAM in the PC, it reduces the total times which the processor may take to read the data from the hard disk.It is always advisable that if a person desire to process the Pc’s program much faster, then he/she must choose the RAM which possesses the higher capacity of the memory.

There are several RAM which are available in India and below we are providing you the top ten best Ram for computer/PC/Laptops in India:

10. Lenovo


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Lenovo is one of the prosperous companies these days in the industry of the computer hardware as well as electronics. The main headquarter of Lenovo is situated in the Beijing, China. This company was established in the year 1984 by Mr Liu Chuanzhi.

9. Samsung

samsung ram

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The next name in the list is of Samsung which is a computer hardware and electronics company of Korea. It is achieving gradually getting more famous all over the world. Samsung is one of the renowned manufacturers of the RAM currently. This company was established in the year 1938 by Mr Lee Byung-chul.

8. Transcend

transcend ram

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Transcend is a Taiwanese company that is situated in the Taipei, Taiwan. This company is recognized for the manufacturing of the memory goods such as RAM. Besides this, the other goods of this company are graphics cards, portable media players, portable hard drives and digital audio players. Transcend was established in the year 1988by Mr Peter Shu.

7. Hynix


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Hynix is a South Korean brand that produces RAM. It was founded in the year 1983. Initially, the company’s original name was Hyundai Electronics Industries however later it gets transformed to Hynix. Hynix is quite famous in the semiconductor business. In reality, it is providing DRAM in the entire world. DRAM is essentially the abbreviation of the Dynamic Random Access Memory.

6. Kingston


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This is an American company which produces computer-linked memory goods such as RAM. Kingston is located in the Fountain Valley of California where its main headquarter are situated. Although this is an American firm, it accomplished to get the logistic services in numerous nations such as Taiwan,China, United Kingdom and Ireland.

5. Mushkin


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Mushkin is one of the highest performing firms as much as RAM is rated. The main motive of this company is to make sure that its goods can completely increase the performance of the PCs globally. Mushkin is essentially founded in the Eagle wood, Colorado.

4. OCZ

OCZ was established on 21st January in the year 2014. This company is now controlled by the CEO Ralph Schmitt. The former name of the OCZ Storage Solutions was OCZ Technology Group. At present, this company is recognized in manufacturing SSDs. The main office of the OCZ is established in San Jose, California.

3. Micron


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This RAM manufacturing company is quite famous in creating the semiconductor devices such as flash memory,solid state drives, as well as dynamic random-access memory. Micron Company was established in the year 1978. The names of the founders were Dennis Wilson, Doug Pitman, Ward Parkinson and Joe Parkinson.

2. G.Skill


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G.Skill International Enterprise Co. Ltd. is a computer hardware company that was established in the year 1989. This company is one of the best firms which are recognized in manufacturing the RAM memory goods as well as high-end PC merchandises.

1. Corsair


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The top name in the list is of Corsair Components, Inc. which is again American computer Hardware Company established at the Fremont city of California in the year 1994. This company offers the top quality and efficient RAM for computer, laptops, and PCS.

Things to consider while purchasing RAM for your PC and laptop

For those readers who are dealing with the RAM for the first time, the buzzwords like DDR2, DDR3, dual channel, single channel can create massive confusion. However, there are a few things that can help you choose the suitable and the most perfect RAM for your PC and Laptop. We are listing these points here to make you more comfortable while purchasing a new RAM for your system. GO through them and keep them in mind to find the RAM to enhance your PC’s performance.

  • Compatibility

The first thing that you should look for while purchasing a new Ram for your system is the compatibility. Make sure that the RAM you are planning to purchase is compatible with your system’s motherboard. Make sure to check which type of RAM is supported by your system and what is the capacity of the RAM the motherboard can support. You can find this information on the PC’s pamphlet if you are using a branded product, or can talk to the seller about the necessary information.

  • Efficiency and speed

Another important aspect of buying a perfect RAM for your PC is the efficiency and the RAM. Make sure that the RAM you are choosing is according to your needs, and the OS that is installed on it. By doing so, you can easily find a suitable RAM that will help your system run properly without any lag and issues. Make sure to look for the timings or latencies to process a certain command to get a perfect idea of the RAM’s speed.

  • Value for money

The market is full of brands and models of RAM that vary in speed, efficiency and of course, price. Make sure that you choose a perfect one by judging the speed, brand value, and efficiency. By doing so, you can easily grab the best and the reliable RAM for your PC that is worth purchasing. Don’t just fall for the price. Make sure to go through the RAM’s specifications first and then buy the one that suits your needs.

  • Brand value

The next important thing that you must consider while purchasing a new RAM for yourself is the Brand. Choosing a good and renowned brand for yourself, you can be assured of getting a good quality RAM that not only performs better than the newer brand’s RAM. Although the branded RAMs may be a bit expensive, when you look at the performance, efficiency, and warranty, these RAMs provide a great value for your money.

  • Warranty

Make sure that the RAM you are choosing for your system comes with a warranty. You can either choose a good brand for this or ask the vendor to suggest you a more reliable RAM that will last for longer without any issues. By choosing a RAM with a good warranty, you can be sure of getting the best-valued product for yourself.

So, these were the five most obvious and important points that must be kept in mind while purchasing new RAM for yourself. Be sure that RAM you are purchasing is compatible with your PC configuration and you will be able to improve the performance of your system.

Computer Laptop RAM – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What to consider while choosing a RAM stick for your gaming PC?

Using high-frequency RAM can boost the loading speed and you can expect better frame rates. You should always consider the capacity of RAM and opt for two 8GB DDR4 RAM for a better gaming experience. Going with lower capacity might not feel that bad but when you are multi-tasking like streaming on Twitch or tabs are running in the background, lower RAM capacity will haunt you with performance and frame rate.

  1. How to Know if the RAM is compatible with the Motherboard?

Compatibility of part plays important role in getting optimal performance out of a gaming rig. Using a low-tier ATX motherboard with small IO and old gen PCI express slot will make you get poor performance. If you are buying AMD’s 32 core CPU, but the mother doesn’t support such numbers then you won’t be getting the best out of your expensive CPU and RAM. So, you should look for a DIMM slot (dual in-line memory module slots), which are usually the limited ones. If there are more than two slots, chances are your motherboard will support the RAM effectively.

  1. Does RGB RAM affect the Cooling of your Gaming PC?

No, RGB RAMs doesn’t produce much heat at all and if you are using Liquid cooling solutions, your PC will run smoothly. The LED used by the manufacturer on RAM is low power and they produce a negligible amount of heat that automatically dissolves in the PC. If you are using RGB lights straps from a poor manufacturer, then it might be an issue. Getting rid of heat is necessary to never have any issue with your gaming performance. You can add one more fan to the PC as an exhaust to eliminate extra heat produced by the RGB light.

  1. Does RAM require cooling?

Despite having high-frequency options and the ability to overclock, RAM doesn’t require much cooling at all. RAM works on lower voltage and increases the frequency can produce a little heat, but your PC’s exhaust will be able to deal with the same. You can check out the temperature of RAM by downloading additional software. There are DIMM Thermal Sensor that monitors the temperature at the DIMM slot. The ideal temperature when the system on idle is 30˚C to 50˚C. One pro tip for the new gamer is, do not overclock your RAM if your CPU and GPU is running above the 80˚C temperature mark.



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