Top 15 Best Online Job Portals (Websites) in India 2018

Gone are the days when people used to run from office to office or go through newspaper classifieds for hours and hours, to look for a job. With online job portals / websites, finding a job of your choice has now become as easy as the slick of a mouse. All the job seekers have to do is register themselves with these sites, along with their personal and professional details, and they will help them land up with perfect job opportunities, to match their profile and eligibility. This is the best and fastest way for job seekers.

Here is a list of top 15 online job portals in India:

15. is a leading job search engine. Careerjet has a very simple user interface, where job seekers can search jobs by entering keywords or company name and the location.They do not have to visit individual job sites as Careerjet has a wide database of jobs.


Next in the list of top 10 best online job portals in India in 2015 is, which helps both experienced candidates as well as the newbie find jobs in all kinds of fields.

13., job portal is helping job seekers to connect with recruiters & employers. This online portal is easy to operate interface and fast job search options. The site has frequently-asked interview questions and practice exams to help candidates for preparing job interviews.

12. is another well known online job portal in India, which gives updates on the latest jobs in both private as well as public sector, in a variety of fields including medicine, engineering, finance and teaching, to mention just a few.

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11. is a leading online job site in the country, which helps the eligible candidates look for the most lucrative jobs in a wide array of professional fields, including IT, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, etc.

10. is also one of the best website for jobs that offer opportunities in finance, sales & marketing, consulting, HR, IT & systems, Legal, BPO and many more fields.


The next on the list is This is one of the best website for the freshers who just completed their education and looking for jobs. Mainly it helps fresh job seekers to find their first job.


This website is particularly helpful for those candidates who are searching for private job, with opportunities ranging for those who have just completed their 10th or 12th, to those with higher degrees such as MCA, BE or B Tech.

7. is a reliable online job site, which in addition to relevant job opportunities, helps the candidates with excellent tips regarding interviews and salary expectations from top employers, so that they can make the right decision while taking their pick at these opportunities.


It is also one of the best website for online job searchers. This website covers all types of jobs sections that includes Government Jobs, Bank, Teaching, IT Jobs, Engineering, Railway, Police/Defence Jobs.


Another leading name among the best online job portals in the country is that of, which excels at helping its clients find the most desirable job in an easy and simple manner. It has additional advantages such as interview preparation of the candidates and helping them keep their personal details confidential, if they need to.

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The next name in this list is that of, a popular choice to help you search for opportunities all across the country. It provides email alerts to candidates and aims to help Indian with the best career opportunities in their respective fields of expertise.

3. is another job portal, which has made progressive leaps to become one of the best agencies in a short span of time. This job portal gives professional assistance to job seekers, both experienced and fresher, to prepare impressive resumes and land up with the best jobs in different categories.


Featuring next on the list of top 10 online job portals in India in 2016 is, which maintains a network of professionals, giving them a platform to share their details and get them lucrative opportunities for the most relevant jobs through this common platform.


One of the most popular online job sites in India is, which helps job seekers find the latest jobs, besides assisting employers to find the perfect candidates to work for them. The best things about this portal is the reliability of services provided by it, topped up with its user friendly interface, which helps you create an excellent resume here, in an easy manner. The site provides opportunities in all possible fields.

All these job portals can be trusted to help you get the best job in accordance with your qualification and eligibility in various fields.

62 thoughts on “Top 15 Best Online Job Portals (Websites) in India 2018”

  1. Robinsh says:

    Hello Santosh,

    I would like to say that you did a wonderful job by creating this valuable list of job portals that are functional in India and serving the Indians to get their dream job for free.

    Keep going like that !

  2. Pankaj says:

    A purely biased review. I have worked for 2 years in recruitment industry and I would like to inform you that falls on 4th position.

    1. Santosh says:

      Thanks Mr. Pankaj.

    2. venki says:

      what about times Job?

  3. Aman Khani says:

    Thanks for this informative post … Now, there are many job portals in India to find the job in desired industry.

    1. Arav Ramakan says:

      Quite a helpful list of job portals. While Jobseekers can search and apply for all kinds of jobs, Private Jobs, IT Jobs, Government Jobs, Data Entry Jobs , Driver Jobs etc, Here.

  4. sharmila says:

    Thanks you are giving very important information for many job seekers. In my experience i got job through and so according to me it is also one of the best site.

  5. Sunder Singh says:

    Other good sites could have been included. Absolutely, there is no doubt about that Naukri leads the Indian Job portal market but other emerging job portals are really doing hard to get their presence in this market.

  6. Sonia says:

    itechminds is a very good job portal as well. especially for HR jobs and IT jobs.

    1. Suyog says:

      hi where should i get SAS job opportunities.?

  7. Jashan says:

    Are you guys like promoting shine @ #2? really?
    I have been part of Analytics hring for last 3 years (analytics & data science) & my choices would be Naukri, iimjobs, linkedin.
    I am surprised that iimjobs is missing.
    however a good attempt.


  8. aryan says:

    Ya, You are right these are market leader on online jos listing.

  9. Amrendra says:

    Nice list bhai but Few of them are not good for privacy level.

  10. Ashok Kumar K Nair says: has taken 2700 rupees from me by saying that they will arrange for interviews with good/ reputed firms for marketing jobs. But now no response from them after taking the money. Or other wise daily 4/5 times they use to call me till the payment makes.
    This is my experience and i am not against of any firm or portals.

    1. Kaushik says:

      Times job has taken Rs.4000/- from me and similar way promised me to arrange 3 interviews in senior positions . But they are the cheaters and never trust this company. They are simply earning money unethically with everyone.

  11. Hiren says:

    Nice listing thanks to share with us.

  12. Nil says:

    Nice list..but few emerging job portals are doing good as well..

  13. Vikas Singh says:

    All sites in this post are good for seeker but i think you missed, a good place for search all types of jobs for different location in India.

  14. Shalini says:

    I really liked this article and very useful. I would like to update one more site, where I got pretty good response for my job requirements.

    1. Rajinder Kumar says:

      Wisdomjob is a total fraud company. I have paid Rs 4500 and never received a single call after payment and now they are saying companies not considering your profile!!! Bull shit if you know that companies not considering anybody`s profile than why you are taking money from him for job search help.

  15. Pankaj Yogi says:

    I liked where I get updated jobs in every field.

  16. VISHAL SONI says:

    why you all sites are forgetting to mention site.

    I think this is the best job site without login

    just try it and enjoy

  17. Ankit Rai says:

    Dear Job Seekers if you are doing a job private job then this is oppertunity for you
    We are here to provide the jobs for the talented guys
    You all just have to send us a email the if you are intrested or not you just have to give a written exam that we will conduct and if you passed in that exam then we will conduct your interview with diffrent companies and if you passed the interview then we will provide you a good and decent job and you dont have to pay a single ruppes for it you just have to send us email after that we will send you the registration form and registration is also free so if you are intrested then you can mail us on mail id shown below
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  18. venkat says:

    Great article.
    Pl mention. Govt job sites and Private job sites. so it is clear to all of the job seekers.

  19. Shahadat Hossain says:

    Great List of Indian Jobs site. To find a good job in Bangladesh please visit Thank You.

  20. Shalini says:

    You can also add Neuvoo in the list. Its a very popular website for the job-seekers in India and worldwide. Adding it to the list will surely help people. And it doesn’t even require login. Btw good job (y).

  21. Manisha says:

    Dear, Job seeker, My name is Manisha, I am from kolkata. I am working in a most reputed Placement service in kolkata. We have different kind of vacancies in different kind of sectors. Like IT, Engineering, Telecom, Real Estate etc.. So if you want any any kind of job, fresher/ experienced, please send me your updated resume & scan copy of photo in my mail id. and you will be placed under 2 weeks..

    1. Jit says:

      Manisha why so much dhop bazzi …..all unethical, unwanted, and uncalled lies to meet your both ends. How can you provide placement assurance and please don’t play with words.

  22. Niranjan says:

    HI friends ,which is the Best site for Desktop support/ System Admin Job could i get best suggestion . Because i’m searching job for Desktop support .

  23. Kiran says:

    Thanks for sharing great information. Please add some more latest government job notification sites to the list. Which can send the notifications to mail one of them is Keep adding some more sites which are useful for job seekers.

  24. Suman Bhatia says:

    What could be good portals to post hospitality vacancies in particular.. Thanks


  25. Bhagwati lal suthar says:

    Thanks for sharing job sites list. I think you missed is a new age job portal that offers quicker and efficient job search option to job seekers.

  26. Pawan Yadav says:

    I think there are many latest job portals in India Like Hiree, Hirist, BabaJobs, careesma etc.

  27. swastika says:

    Naukri used to be NO.1, but now its the worst , Naukri & Times Jobs will not even display your CV to the Recruiters unless your are taking any paid Services. So forget about getting a job for free.Sorry to say that all 50% of these portals have become Sales oriented rather than service .

    1. Gaurav Kumar says:

      Hi Swastika ,
      Yes you are right most of the job portals provides paid services , but you can register on Graspjobs , Its a free job portal . They are providing free job search .

  28. Garima Ahuja says:

    Nice List here. It gets really tough to find out some job portal that actually helps one to find a suited preferred job. Obviously the big names like naukri and monster are obviously reliable but i guess there are plenty of new job portals coming up that provide good service to establish their name among the Job seekers. Recently I came across one such new job Portal called RAGNS. Here is the link to it :

  29. Raja Kashyap says:

    Nice jobs portal list but i think hindi job portal should include in this list.

  30. Faiz khan says:

    I have one question. Should it be necessary to pay certain amount to get a senior position jobs in IT? Or simply uploading resume in the above listed job portals will do… ?

  31. Prashant G says:

    Hey Santosh,

    I am frequent visitor of, and portals. I receive around 2 to 3 emails for interview from them. You receive good response from these websites.

    Thank you for sharing the list. It is good that India is moving ahead to advancing the employment structure. Many top companies have registered on these portals to list their employee requirement. It is helping users all around the globe to find the jobs in the country. I am very happy to see that.

    Prashant G

  32. Govind Kulkarni says:

    Hi I am job seeker at senior level in Supply chain / Materials / PPC / Inventory / Warehouse operations / Spare parts.
    I have tried Naukri / Times Jobs / Shine / Headhonchos/Careesma. No positive responses. Please suggest best jobsites in above domains

  33. Durga Prasad says: services are very poor. Particularly resume service for middle and senior level is very very poor

  34. Mahesurya says:

    Nice jobs portal list ,it will help me.Thanks

  35. sandhya says:

    hi all

  36. Abhi says:

    Is job portal sites takes money for job

  37. shrekanth says:

    Wisdom jobs is really worse they charged 4,000 and promised me they would arrange an interview but nothing has happened don’t trust it

  38. satish gowda says:

    some of the portal charge a huge amount to the company by saying they will provide good candidates but after payment nothing as good, good is only till you make the payment. we used service of monster some what ok. but timesjob is very poor
    we are looking for Vb6 programmer if any candidates are interested please mail me your cv on

  39. Nilabha Ghosh says:

    Nice jobs portal list but i think should include in this list.

  40. Nabarun Ghosh says:

    I really liked this article and very useful. I would like to update on another site, where I got pretty good response for my job requirements.

  41. Ganesh says:

    The list contains all major and big players in this industry. There are many small websites and startups which keep updating their website with latest job openings.

  42. shailendra kumar says:

    Thanks for sharing this awesome article on jobs portal. I can sign up on all the sites which you mention.
    Its an immense pleasure of u.

  43. Viresh says:

    Santosh, the way you explained is so nice, simple and informative. Websites what you note down, all are good, but today most of websites are developed for Search Engines, mostly not for Users, which do not have better user experience.

  44. Rishabh Grover says:


  45. Shailendra Kumar says:

    Your Blog is truly Awesome , It really helpful for the guys who are job seekers but in this portals but some portals like @timesjobs & @monster @shine it will give good jobs for the persons but they also have some consultancies who will fraud the jobseekers and earn profit to share data with low budget consultancies with never trust . My friends also told the same problems .So guys please aware to find out whether its an company or an consultancy.


  46. dali maity says:

    I am a senior stenographer knowing independent correspondence, computer and all office management jobs. I am specially interested to work in Educational Institutions, hospitals, nursing homes. I am aged (50+) but very efficient not getting a suitable job offer. Pl. help or suggest who can help me.

  47. SUNIL GIRI says:

    thainks to this knowladge

  48. Shruti Gulati says:

    There is a one more free job portal site is Career Marshal. Best site for MNC jobs.

  49. Neha Gupta says:

    nice listing.
    thanks for sharing it with us.

  50. Aarav Gupta says:

    There are so many Job portals in India, but I just want to ask a question that did you get a job and if yes, are you happy with it? This question frustrates every person who do a job from morning to evening without giving time to his family or to groom his/her skills. But I came to know about this new platform “Worknrby” which helps to find jobs and job seekers nearby your place. And currently they are operating in more than 10 cities all over India and counting. Now the people don’t have to travel to long distance for job as they can do a job nearby their place. They can use their precious time with family or increasing their skills or working on their weak points.

  51. tulsi says:

    i hope it will also work in my future………..

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