Top 10 Best Kamal Hassan Movies of All Time

Kamal Hassan will always be regarded as one of the greatest actors ever in India, the credit going to his great expressiveness and versatility, which cross all the barriers of language and time. He has been honored with a number of awards for his glorious contribution to the Indian cinema, including National Awards and the prestigious Padma Shri.

Here is a list of top 10 best movies of Kamal Hassan:

10. Kalathur Kannamma

Kamal Hassan showed his acting talent as a young child, when he gave a touching performance in his debut movie called “Kalathur Kannamma” at the age of just 6 years. This gifted young performer stole the show despite the presence of veterans like Gemini Ganesan and Savitri in the movie.

9. Nayagan

Next on this list comes the Mani Ratnam film called “Nayagan”, which is based on the real life story of an underworld don from Bombay, Varadarajan Mudaliar. Kamal Hasssan was impressive in the role of Velu Naicker, which fetched him a National Award.

8. Pushpak

The silent film “Pushpak” is another gem in the collection of Kamal Hassan movies, which proved that this actor need not get great dialogue to express himself, but can entertain the audience with his expressions and body language itself. This film too, was conferred a National Award.

7. Moondram Pirai

The next name on the list of top 10 best Kamal Hassan movies is the 1992 super hit called “Moondram Pirai”, which cast him as a small town school teacher, who gives shelter to an amnesic girl, Sridevi. He gradually falls in love with her and tragedy strikes when she recovers her memory, but forgets him. Hassan received the National Award for Best Actor for this movie.

6. Aporva Sagodharargal

A home production of Kamal Hassan, this movie starred him in a triple role, as a father and his twin sons, one of whom is a dwarf called Appu. The sons avenge the murder of their father as they grow up. The film used computer graphics to showcase the character of Appu as a dwarf.

5. Indian

Another acclaimed movie of this super star is “Indian”, a 1996 movie by ace director Shankar, which featured Hassan in the double role of a father and son. The film carried a social message against the rampant corruption in the country. Hassan was widely appreciated for the brilliant portrayal of a veteran freedom fighter who decides to take things in his own hand, when he is disgusted by the corruption prevalent in the society.

4. Raja Paarvai

Next on the list of best Kamal Hassan movies is his maiden production venture called “Raja paarvai”, which was not a big commercial success, but has acquired the status of cult classic in Indian cinema. The film stars Hassan in the role of a blind violinist looking to impress a rich writer with his potential.

3. Hey Ram

One of the best performances of Kamal Hassan came in the 2000 movie “Hey Ram”, in which he co starred with Shah Rukh Khan, Hema Malini and Rani Mukherjee. The movie was the story of a man called Saketh Ram, who held Mahatma Gandhi responsible for the death of his wife and was set to kill him.

2. Aalavandhan

“Aalavandhan” is an action thriller movie which is considered as one of the best Kamal Hassan movies till date. The movie saw a brilliant performance from Hassan in the double role of twins, a mad psychopath who is out to destroy the world, and the other one a virtuous army commando who wants to stop his evil brother.

1. Dasavathaaram

The science fiction movie “Dasavathaaram” is one of the best films in which Kamal Hassan has acted. Kamal was seen portraying ten different characters in the movie and each one was done with an amazing conviction and showed the hard work and effort put in by him.

Some other amazing performances of the star actor were seen in “Michael Madhana Kama Rajan”, “Love is God”, “Guna”, “Kuruthipunal” and “The Smart Hunt”.

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