Top 10 Best Internet Service Providers in India

Internet has become the need of the hour and necessity for everyone. In the last two decades the internet picture of India has changed a lot and that has brought many Internet Service Providers for service. With the increase of consumers and the vastness of service, internet has become one of the biggest things in the country. There are many service providers who have jumped to the fray for providing internet.

Here are the top 10 best internet service providing companies in India:

10. HFCL Infotel Connect

HFCL Infotel Connect

The internet service provider has started gaining popularity in recent times. The service of the ISP is however limited to New Delhi as of now. The ISP provides Optical Fiber Connection, Wireless Connection, FTTH and others. Log on to for more information.

9. Asianet Dataline Broadband

Asianet Dataline Broadband

It is one of the most popular broadband services available in Kerala. It has more than 115,000 subscribers in the southern state. The ISP started working since 1993 and provides the broadband service and many others. Log on to for more information.

8. Sify Broadband

Sify Broadband

Sify is one of the most popular ISPs in India. They have huge customer base and spread across the country. Value added services, customer support and high speed are the keys of the provider. It has spread across 200 cities of India and is known for reliable service. Log on to for more information.

7. You Broadbandt

You Broadband

It is located at the Mumbai Location for the service and has done a good job so far. The high performance broadband and many other services have make it one of the most desirable Internet Service Providers of the country. Please log on to for detail information.

6. Reliance Broadband

Reliance Communications

The Internet venture of Reliance has a strong customer hold in all over the country. The high performance internet, good service and high speed have earned them more than 150 million subscribers in the country. It has many services available along with it which makes it even more desirable. Log on to for even more detail information.

5. Tata Broadband

 Tata Broadband

Tata has dedicated broadband services as well which makes them another Internet Service Providers. It has huge customer base and very high performance. The broadband services also include many offers and packages which make it desirable for the users. Log on to for more information.

4. Hathway Cable Broadband

Hathway Cable Broadband

It is one of the most popular broadband service providers available in the country. The service of the Hathway is available in many cities in India which has subscribers of the range of millions for its excellent service. Log on to for more information.

3. Airtel broadband


Known for the speed and high performance, the Airtel Broadband has huge customer base and service in all over India. The ISP has over 269 million subscribers in the country. It is poplar for providing high speed internet service in the country. Please visit for details.

2. MTNL Broadband


Running from 1986 in New Delhi and Mumbai, the MTNL is the top service providers in the cities and in the country. Apart from broadband it provides landline service, GSM services and many others. For more info visit .

1. BSNL Broadband


The largest and biggest Service provider of the country BSNL has huge customer support. The ISP has network even in the remote areas of the country. It started the broadband services in 2000. Kindly visit for more information.

The service providers have raised the performance of the broadband services in India.

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