Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies Featuring Hackers

Has your computer ever been hacked before?

Ever since the world wide web was launched and the personal computer and the internet became ubiquitous concepts all over the world, films about hacking and everything online have proliferated in many cinema houses. After all, hacking is undeniably a genius of an act, and hackers are already a part of our online and real-world lives whether we like it or not.

This list features the 10 most perceptive Hollywood films which delved on hacking and the lives of people who engaged in this notorious habit.

10. Untraceable by Gregory Hoblit – 2008

This film starred the incredible Diane Lane in another one of her “women in deep distress” roles. Set in the western coast state of Oregon, the movie features a demented hacker who summarily kills his victims depending on the number of hits on his website The film flopped at the box office but is still considered a classic in its depiction of cyber crimes.

9. The Matrix by The Wachowski Brothers – 1999

Keanu Reeves stars in this profoundly insightful film as a computer programmer who discovers an alternative world where machines control and subdue the remaining human population and uses human heat and energy to power its schemes. It was a huge box office hit, propelling 2 more sequels. It also popularized the so-called “bullet time.”

8. Live Free or Die Hard by Len Wiserman – 2007

The sequel to the popular Die Hard films of the 90’s which starred popular action star Bruce Willis, the fourth installment of the film finds Willis’ character on the hunt for cyber terrorists who have hacked the government’s banking system and are out to have a crash sale of financial assets. The film heralded the comeback of actor Bruce Willis, who went on hiatus for several years.

7. Swordfish by Dominic Cena – 2001

This film had an all-star cast that included Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Don Ceadle, and John Travolta. Jackman portrayed the role of a computer hacker who was recruited against his will to perform a huge bank robbery due to his excellent hacking skills. The film was a moderate box-office success.

6. War Games: The Dead Code by Stephen Gillard – 1983

This intelligent film was ahead of its time, having been filmed during the 80’s, when the world wide web and the powers of the personal computer have not yet been fully discovered or realized. The movie revolves around a boy who plays a game about terrorism, unable to realize that the game was an actual attempt at government espionage.

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