Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies Featuring Hackers

5. Track Down by Joe Chapelle – 2000

This film starred Tom Berenger as a computer hacker who has continued to elude government forces as he used the latest computer technology to delve into sensitive government data and classified information. He runs across another intelligent computer hacker who is in the opposite side of the law.

4. Pirates of Silicon Valley by Martyn Burke – 1999

This movie made for television explores the stiff competition between Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Apple innovator Steve Jobs as they rival to develop and innovate on the personal computer. It has been praised by film critics for its riveting storyline and the believable acting of its lead actors.

3. The Net by Irwin Winkler – 1995

This chilling and suspenseful film delved into online identity theft. Sandra Bullock portrayed systems analyst Angela Bennett whose life is suddenly taken away from her as she falls victim to a syndicate that uses identity theft as foil to a large-scale robbery. Critics of today praise the film for being ahead of its time.

2. Antitrust by Peter Howitt – 2001

The film revolved around the lives and exploits of young and promising computer programmers whose work suddenly becomes battleground for good and evil. The film though was little seen by movie audiences.

1. Hackers by Iain Softley – 1995

Hackers by Iain Softley

This film is the ultimate movie about hacking and was way ahead of its time. Starring a very young Angelina Jolie and a few other actors, the film intelligently captured the culture of hacking and online cosnpiracy long before the Internet became a household term.

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