Top 10 Best Healthcare Brands in the World

5. Dexcom

The purpose of Dexcom is to monitor your blood sugar. It teats medical devices like your electronics as well. They do their best to lower your blood sugar and enhance your health condition better than the other brand.

4. Teladoc

Teladoc makes the relationship of the doctor and patients much stronger. They offer medical consultations by phone or by sending them video so you can have reserve the rest of your time to things that matters most to you. With them, you can the best services, quality products plus you can save your time with ease.

3. D-Rev

D-Rev is considered to be the third world healthcare. While having an access to outstanding developing healthcare outside the country, they use typically expensive and complex tools and machinery for fast patient reliefs. D-rev is born with a goal of bridging the gap by producing top quality products. Their products are not just high in quality they are also being sold affordably.

2. GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is the top seller of the best ultrasound devices in the world. The device has light, compact and about laptop-size machine that is able to do things that other brand can’t. It is a favorite of most doctors because it allows them to peer inside the athlete’s body. This kind is very much helpful for patients who love sports when heavy injury occurs. The latest version of GE Healthcare is the construction of 3D version that can be needless when injected in the body.

1. Sproxil

Fake drugs kill thousands of people around the world. But Sproxil make things easier. When patients receive their medications, the only thing they need to do is to scratch the label to find a code then they can text to Sproxil everything they need to be cured. Their message makes the authentication verified. A year ago, they launched a partnership with IBM to evaluate commercial data. The company has expanded to several other fields.