Top 10 Best Hair Removal Creams Brands in India

Hair removal creams have become an important beauty product for women around the world because they give smooth and beautiful skin, without having to undergo the agony of painful procedures like waxing. On the other hand, shaving hair from legs and arms can lead to hard growth, but hair removal creams are a solution for this issue too. This is what has accounted for the popularity of several well known hair removal cream brands in India.

Here is a list of top 10 hair removal cream brands in India:

10. Fair Angel

Fair Angel is an affordable hair removal product, which is enriched with natural products like sandal, rose and lemon. This hair removal cream is suitable for dry skin because of its moisture enriching ingredients.

9. Rose

The next name on the list of top 10 best hair removal cream brands is that of Rose Hair removal Cream, which is a pocket friendly product to give you perfectly flawless skin in minutes. It is suitable for all skin types and does not leave dark patches on the skin.

8. Namira

Another herbal hair removal cream, which gives soft and clear skin, is Namira Hair Removal Cream. The brand has no chemical ingredients, which means that people with the most sensitive skin types can use it without fearing side effects such as allergy and skin pigmentation.

7. Caley

Next among the best hair removal cream brands in India is Caley, which helps you remove body hair safely and easily. It contains natural ingredients such as orange, lemon, aloe vera extract and lavender, which give a healthy glow to your skin, besides leaving it free of unwanted hair.

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6. VI John

VI John, a brand acclaimed for men’s grooming products, has diversified into women’s range too, with herbal hair removal cream. This is a medically approved product, which caters to the needs of the woman who wants to use chemical free products. The cream contains extracts of rose, sandalwood and aloe vera.

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