Top 10 Best & Good Quality Sanitary Pads in India

The consumer market has grown at an incredible speed in last few years. All the consumer sections now have huge variety and options. The female hygiene has no different story. There was a time when there were only a few options for the sanitary napkins or pads. But gone are those days as there are many options to choose from. The sanitary pads come with different panty liners, long lasting effect, and many other qualities. If you haven’t checked the various sanitary napkins in the female hygiene section, then here are the Top 10 sanitary pads available in the market in India.

10. Carefree Panty Liners

This is one of the best products for the initial and last days of periods. The soft material and good absorption help you to feel comfortable at all the time. The pack of 20 pads cost you INR 80.

9. Kotex Soft Smooth Gentle Wings

This is another pad best for the less flow. The light and soft material makes it very comfortable. It has good absorption power and is best for the last days of periods. It costs you INR 24 for 8 pads.

8. Whisper Choice Regular Wings

This is one of the best for last 3 days of periods. The higher absorption and light weight help you to feel comfortable. The soft material is also one of the best qualities of the pads. The pack of 8 costs you for INR 28.

7. Don’t Worry Ultra Thin XL pads

This is one of the less priced pads available. The performed pads are best for on the go. It turns fluid into the gel and gives higher absorption. The pack of 8 pads comes for INR 35.

6. Whisper Ultra Night XL

This is one of the best sanitary pads. The extra length, wide back and stretchable wings help you to feel comfortable. It also provides higher absorption and best for use in night. The pack of 7 costs you INR 80.

5. She Ultra XXL wings

The Ultra wings are meant for superior performance. The soft cotton cover makes you feel comfortable. The non-plastic and gel technology provides higher absorption and lesser leakage. It is priced at INR 70 for 7 packs.

4. Stayfree Dry Max Ultra Thin

This is specifically made for the day use. It is very thin and super absorbent. It helps you to remain comfortable for the entire day. The best part is that it contains leakage pocket that give extra protection. The pack of 8 pads cost you INR 65.

3. Sofy Side Walls

It has super absorbent side walls. It helps you to remain protected during the movements. It does not have any leakage and lasts for long. It is also made with fit to zone technique so that it fits you well. The pack of 15 pads cost you INR 120.

2. Stayfree Dry Max All Night

This pad has been designed to give more protection and less leakage. The broad back of the pad lets you have worried less sleep. The long lasting effect of the pad that are available for INR 70 of 7 pads, worthy of buying.

1. Whisper Ultra Clean XL

This is one of the best products available in the market. It has longer lasting quality with a super absorber core. It lets the pad absorb from the edges. The longer wings help you to get more protection as well. The price of the product is INR 135 for 15 pads.

These sanitary pads are one of the bests among many. The higher quality and superior performance have made them the popular choice.

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