Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for a New Born Baby Boy or Girl

The birth of a baby is a very special occasion for the parents and people close to the family generally give their blessings and love to the newly born in the form of gifts. While choosing a gift for a new born baby, one must keep in mind the utility of the gift, as it needs to be of use for the parents as well as the baby. A gift stacked away in the cupboard is absolutely a waste of money; rather, it should be such that can create memories for the parents.

Here are the most amazing gift ideas for a new born baby boy or girl:

1. Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes

A cute little blue dress for a boy or a pink one for a girl can be an ideal gift for the new born. Choose a dress without too many frills and ribbons, so that it can be easily donned on the new born baby. The fabric must be soft and natural, so that the baby is comfortable in the dress. Pick a standard size so that it is neither too big nor too small for an average baby.

2. Baby Linen

Baby Linen

Some nice nursery printed towels and bed sheets could be a useful and meaningful gift for anew born baby. Choose the color and pattern according to the size of the baby, while the choice of fabric depends upon the weather.

3. Baby Name Book

Baby Name Book

Another great gift idea for a new born baby boy or girl could be a book of baby names, which can help the parents to pick out a nice name of the baby. You could put in an extra bit of effort by going through the book and making a shortlist to help the new parents.

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4. Musical Toys and Rattles

Musical Toys and Rattles

Some pretty little musical toys and rattles can make an excellent gift for the new born baby. The toy must be colorful and eye catching as a small baby can visualize colors and also perceive music, which can make these toys very useful for them in the first months of their life.

5. Baby Decor

Baby Decor

One of the best gifts for new born boys and girls is some décor items for their room, which need to be selected on the basis of the baby’s sex. Some colorful nursery printed wallpaper, hangings and photo frames would be great gifting option.

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