Top 10 Best Exercise Cycle Brands For Home in India With Price

Exercising is the only way to good health. An increasing number of people have become aware of this fact now and are ready to enroll themselves in one fitness program or another. But people with time constraints would prefer to work out within the confines of their home as it offers scope for flexibility in their schedule. Exercise bikes occupy less space and are the best choice for working out at home.

How To Choose The Best Exercise Cycle for Home

What is your requirement from the exercise cycle?

First of all, you need to determine what type of fitness regime you want from the bicycle. There are various types of bicycle available nowadays which can be used for specific fitness programs.

Training for bicycle event – The people who participate in the bicycle racing knows how important it is to prepare to cover such large distance. But due to weather conditions training might be hindered and you cannot perform properly. So you can prefer bikes which can help you with indoor training to help in increasing your endurance.

Weight loss exercise – If you want to buy an exercise cycle which can help you with your weight loss programs then you can prefer upright bikes. You can get a heart rate chest strap with the cycle which will help you monitor the progress.

Building leg muscles in the gym – When you use the cycle in the gym, you can feel the difference in the exercise cycle. The exercise cycle available in the gym is generally for building the leg muscles.

Things to consider while buying an exercise bike for home

If you are planning to buy an exercise cycle then you need to consider all of these things to get perfect results.

Check the warranties offered – Always check the warranty period provided on the bike so that you can get professional help if any issue arises with the cycle. This way, you can use the exercise bike without worrying about anything.

Price of various exercise cycle – Price is an important factor while buying any product so you should look for affordable exercise cycle.

Always read the reviews – To find the quality and working of these exercise cycles, you can read the reviews.

Look for return policies before buying – You need to check if there are return policies on the exercise bike. This way if you do not like the bike then you can return it.

These are some of the things which you need to keep in mind to buy the best exercise cycle. This way if you ever face any issues with the exercise cycle, you can take the help of warranties offered on them. So make sure to consider all of these things before buying the exercise cycle.

Exercise cycle is one of the best ways to exercise at your own house. You can watch movies while cycling or read a newspaper without any issues. This way, you can utilize your time better and also get fitness at the same time. If you want to build the muscles of your lower body, then you can exercise daily to gain muscles. You can try different types of cycling to focus more on various types of body parts. But the main thing which you might forget is how to buy the best exercise cycle. You can find a lot of options online, but still, you need to consider above mentioned points for purchasing the Cycle.

Here is the list of top 10 best exercise bike brands in India with price have been pooled here

10. Propel

Propel Exercise Bike

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Propel HU66i Upright stationary exercise bike is orange and grey in color and provides magnetic resistance. It supports only 80kgs and offers 8 levels of resistance. It is priced 24,900 INR and around 20,000 INR online.

9. Proline


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Proline Fitness 533B Upright Stationary exercise bike is orange and black in color and supports up to 100 kgs. It offers 8 levels of resistance and the 2 way bearing and 1 piece crank in the flywheel ensure smooth running. The price is 15,500 INR.

8. Kobo


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Kobo Air Bike Deluxe is black in color and has 8 resistance levels. It is ideal for persons weighing up to 120kgs. The seat is adjustable and comfortable and it offers the user the flexibility to regulate pressure according to their needs. It is priced at 9,999 INR and available for 5,199 INR online.

7. BH Fitness

BH Fitness

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There are atleast 4 models of BH Fitness exercise bikes with model code H915 Upright, H9172Upright, H960 Upright and H919 Upright of which H919 has the capacity to support 130kgs, when compared to others that support 100-110kgs. The prices are 62,000, 78,000, 1,48,000 and 1,04,000 INR respectively, which is a little lesser online.



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KAMACHI is a brand that sells indoor stationary exercise bikes which are designed to provide air resistance and magnetic resistance. KAMACHI BB-909 upright indoor exercise bike is a home use exercise bike which is suitable for persons who weigh between 50-90 kgs. It has an LED display screen.The price of this model is 5,175 INR. The Kamachi Magnetic upright bike MB-600 is designed to offer magnetic resistance. It also has Led display and is priced at 16,110 INR. Kamachi hi-tech Air bike is priced 10,990 INR.

5. Fitleader


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The Fit leader UF 4 Magnetic Stationary belt Cardio indoor Upright bike style A is compact and has a stable frame design. It is provided with a large console, which helps you to track time, distance, speed and the calories you have burnt. It is provided with small wheels which helps you to transport it from one room to another easily, without damaging the floor. The wheels are designed in such a way that they give you a true road feel. The price is around 16,000 INR.

4. Cardio Max


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The silver colored JSB Cardio Max HF73 Magnetic upright Bike is designed with a4 Kg flyweight, which enables smooth cycling experience. Non- skid foot pedal with adjustable straps, display and the 8 level tension controller are the special features of this bike priced at 19,500 INR and available for Rs.9000 online. Another product under this brand JSB Cardio Max HF78 has a backrest with back support and back handles and 3 cranks in the flywheel for smooth cycling experience in addition to the features of the other model and is priced around 30,000 INR.

3. Pro Form Ex Series

Proform Ex Series

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The Pro Form 225 CSX exercise bike is suitable for persons whose weight is not more than 100kgs. It is designed with 14lb effective inertia- enhanced fly wheel and iFit compatible console. Well-designed pedals with adjustable straps, transport wheels, adjustable cushioned seats, EKG heart-rate monitor and music port which is I pod compatible are some of the special features. The price is 28,897 INR.

2. Reebok


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The Reebok One GB50 Exercise bike is red and black in color and it is suitable for users whose weight is not more than 120kgs. The 9kg flywheel, 5” LCD console displays target time, distance, heart rate control and calories burnt, through user defined program, integrated USB port, Water bottle holder, Hand pulse sensors, Transport wheels and floor level adjuster are some of the distinctive features of this equipment. The seat of this bike can be adjusted vertically as well as horizontally. With respect to the height of the seat, the height can be adjusted ranging between 71- 98 cm. Another special feature is the 19 user programs and 32 levels of electronic resistance that ensure optimal work- out. The adjustable handle bars and self- levelling pedals with adjustable strap makes exercising in this bike a pleasure. It is priced around 40,000 INR

1. SPIRIT Fitness

SPIRIT Fitness

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SPIRIT Fitness CB 900 cardio fitness indoor bike is silver in color and very sturdy. Sturdy, because the 150lb frame with 2.5mm oval tubing and round bars will ensure the longevity of this equipment. The fly wheels in this equipment are made of heavy duty 44lb steel and they have concave grooves on the inner edge of the perimeter to disperse sweat. The needle bearings in the flywheel permits smooth rotation. Powder coated paint process ensures protection against scratches and corrosion. This quality product is priced around 85,000 INR and available online at around 72,000 INR.

Exercise bikes are designed to make your workouts comfortable and efficient. Go online and compare features and prices and also avail offers. Choose the one that suits your purse and start your work- out.






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