Top 10 Best Car Stereo & Audio Brands in India

In today’s world cars play a major role in our life. We travel a lot be it for getting to your office or going on a vacation. So hearing music can make your trip a lot more fun and soothing. So it’s important you have car stereo in your car. The problem is many car stereo does not long much hence you face the complication of changing them frequently. You can install any company car stereo and audio in your car. So it is important you choose the best for it to last for a longer period of time.

The Top 10 Car Stereo and Audio Brands are

10. Blaupunkt Car Stereo Brand

Blaupunkt Car Stereo

Blaupunkt brand was established in the year 1970. It is a very famous brand in India and they are based in German. The brand produces variety of models with multiple features. The brand evolved over the years and the features even include the navigation system. It is known for its quality and innovative multimedia units. It was presented with the “Brand of the century- German brand standards” award. The product is very much liked by the Indian users.

9. JVC Car Stereo Brand

JVC Car Stereo Brand

The company headquarters is located in Japan. When it comes to car stereo, JVC is considered as the ultimate name. Many users of this brand are from India. They manufacture quality products and the products are durable. This brand provides high-end car stereo at an affordable price. It became even more popular because of the number of increasing buyers from the Indian market in the year 2016. They can also be used in homes.

8. Infinity Audio Car Stereo Brand

Infinity Audio Car Stereo Brand

This brand was found in the year 1968 and has been growing since then. It is owned by the Human International Industries Groups and highly reputed for its products. This brand is recognised worldwide. The products manufactured are of high quality and are available at areasonable price. They produce many products like home theatre with multichannel surround system, powered sub woofers, car audio amplifiers, in-wall home theatre, etc.

7. Dynaudio Car Stereo Brand

Dynaudio Car Stereo Brand

This company started with the aim of producing world’s best and leading loud speaker. They accomplished their goal by producing 12 volt supply stereo with modern and leading technology. The design of the product is commendable and they are known to survive every circumstance. The efficiency and the working of the stereos and loudspeakers are tremendous.

6. Alpine Car Stereo

Alpine Car Stereo

This companywas found in the year 1967, as a collaboration between the Motorola and Alpine Electric. In the start of the company they manufactured 8 track cartridge player and cassette player and over the years moved on to producing car stereos. They are among the one of best companies in the domain of car stereos. When it comes to quality they leave no stones unturned, hence the cost of the car stereo is high comparatively.

5. Pioneer Car Stereo

Pioneer Car Stereo

As in the name of the company they are pioneer in this field and the company was started in the early 1960s. They were started by the well known group motsumoto family, which was earlier known as the Fukuin electric. Later they changed the name to Pioneer Car Stereo and  recognised as one of the best brands. They stand apart from the other companies since they have the tag of world’s first component high quality car stereo that was manufactured in the year 1975. As of now, they are popular for bestselling car stereos.

4. JBL Car Stereo

JBL Car Stereo

They abbreviation of the JBL is James B lancing. They are the integrated part of the famous reputed Harman International Industries Groups who also own, one of the other car stereo company called Infinite Audio. They are currently recorded as the high quality stereo and audio manufacturing company, located in India. There are no stereo lovers who don’t know their model D101.  Their car stereo products are enclosed with components like amplifier, speaker, woofer, encloser etc.

3. Bose Car Stereo

Bose Car Stereo

This brand has a prominent name in the Indian market for producing good quality stereo system and speakers. This brand was stabilised in the year 1964 by Dr. Amar G Boses. At that time he was a professor of electrical engineering in Massachusetts institute of technology. The products are made to be fault free by conducting series of research before releasing them in the market. Thier products are liked by everyone since they produce natural sound and because of modern design and psychoacoustics.

2. Kenwood Car Stereo

Kenwood Car Stereo

They are recognised as one of the brand producing best quality stereos within the budget. They are pioneers in this field. They were established in the year 1946 in the name of Kasuga Radio Co. Ltd and later the name was changed to Trio Electronics Inc in 1960. The name was constantly changed over the years and finally it was settled on kenwood Car Stereo. They are famous for their products like transisitor ampliefier, 1 DIN size SAT NAV, etc. The stereo produced by this company also support call function and DVD multi-zone playback.

1. Sony Car Stereo

Sony Car Stereo

The first slot is occupied by Sony Car Stereo brand. They are the leading brand in this field at present. At the beginning the brand was called Tokyo Tsushin kogyo and it was found by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka. Sony provides wide of range of varieties in car stereo with good quality.


Make any of your trips pleasant and rocking with the help of car stereo and audio. There is no company better than music.



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