Top 10 Best Bike Batteries in India With Price

If you are shopping for a bike batteries commercially available for electric bike, or looking for or develop an excellent battery for an e-bike transformation, to be able to discover the best battery for an electric motorbike is a challenging task.  The ideal battery pack power is the hardest part of the e-bike formula. Remember that in case you are buying a turn-key electric motorbike, the lithium battery pack is over likely the priciest component in it, and…not all lithium battery power are reasonable quality, now make sure you know what you’re getting before you get the electric bike.

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How to Choose the Best Bike Battery

Choosing the right battery for your bike can really prove to be a herculean task. To help you in making this choice, we have listed the factors that you really need to consider while making the purchase. Here are the details.

Compatibility – The first thing to check is the compatibility of the battery with the bike. Many of the brands have a compatibility checker for their batteries so that you can map it up with your bike’s model. You can also reach out to an expert to check if the battery is compatible with your bike or not.

Specifications – The second thing to check is the specifications of the battery. Check for the output details and it should match with your present battery. If you choose the wrong specifications here then you need to be ready to face a lot of troubles. So, pay special attention to these details

Maintenance Free Batteries – Now, we recommend you to purchase only maintenance free batteries. If you are buying the batteries that needs maintenance then that invites a lot of trouble. The maintenance-free models do not need refilling or any such thing. They are also much more long lasting.

Warranty – Next thing to consider is the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Here, 2 years is a norm but you will come across the manufacturers that offer a 3 year warranty. Again, the suggestion here is that do not buy a battery that has less than 2 years of warranty to offer.

Brands – Pay close attention to the brand and the reputation of the brand. Check for after sale support as well. Do not opt for local brands and choose well-reputed brands only. It might cost you a few bucks extra but it the money is totally worth it. The quality of the battery is also dependent on the brand that you choose.

Cost – Next thing to choose is the cost of the battery. Some of the companies over-price the battery. Any deviation from the median is a sign of danger and you must only purchase such batteries with proper research.

These are all the details regarding choosing the best bike battery. One of the most important things to consider from the points listed away is compatibility. If you are using a local, cheap and incompatible battery then that can also damage the bike’s electronics.

Here are the top 10 Best Bike Batteries in India with a price:-

10. Mobiker 1080

Mobiker 1080

In this article we present Mobiker 1080, the best highly effective battery for two wheeler bike on Indian streets. It is actually completely ready to use, zero servicing, factory-charged battery with superior technology that provides excellent efficiency for a long period of time. Now scream and rule on the Indian streets. The special Ca-Ca Metal guarantees a servicing-free life in Indian road conditions. No topping-up inside assurance period within regular running conditions. The design creates its totally unspillable and is almost sealed.

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9. Amaron Pro Rider

Amaron Pro Rider

Amaron provides Pro Bike Rider battery power, produced by state-of-the-art VRLA technological innovation, for the whole range of two wheelers available in India. VRLA technology works on the air recombination concept, which stops water loss and offers a zero servicing battery power. Which implies that the only thing in your thoughts is going to be to have the journey of your life, whenever you begin your engine. Zero-Maintenance.Great Decent Power Great Harsh Resistance.Great Vibrations Resistance.Enhanced Safety.Long Life.Spill-Proof.

8. Livguard Zing Lgbtx 4 Two Wheeler Battery

Livguard Zing Lgbtx 4 Two Wheeler Battery

Livguard two-wheeler battery uses the VLRA technological innovation to give you with zero servicing and 100% overall performance battery power to fit the requirements of the officially advanced automobiles. 100% Eco-friendly Green Technology.100% Mess Proof.Enclosed VRLA Battery.Maintenance Free.No Water Top Up Required.

7. ACDelco 9AH IACDV9-B Sealed VRLA

ACDelco 9AH IACDV9-B Sealed VRLA

ACDelco 9AH IACDV9-B Sealed VRLA Features. Great Quality and properly balanced components with top rated battery plates are widely used to make maximum decent potential, powerful current distribution and instant starting.Amazingly Synthesizing Technology. The Special development allows risk-free and hassle-free function giving an unrivaled experience of easy start and long lifestyle.Versatile   Installation. Means Fit & Forget.More Safety. Lid and containers are made out of tough & high-impact proof plastic, therefore it provides security against losing of active materials during lumps and oscillations guaranteeing more time service life. Unrivaled Capacity.

6. Amptek 12V 24Ah E Bike Battery

Amptek 12V 24Ah E Bike Battery

12 V 24 AH Battery power AGM. Intended for, ELECTRIC SCOOTER, ELECTRIC BIKE ELECTRIC VEHICLES, Golf Trolley and ELECTRIC WHEEL CHAIR.Standard rechargeable sealed Lead Acid Battery. Amptek ebike batteries are available in an enormous range due to its functions or appealing factor. bike battery is a bit more secure as compared to others and to show up with a contemporary selection of products to provide to the different specifications of customers. Ebike battery can also be very eco-friendly and are recognized as one of the most secure ebike batteries in recent times.Each Battery power Weight – 7 Kgs DIMENSIONS:     181 X 77 X 170 MM. Intended for Ampere Automobiles, Hero, Yo Motorbikes, ACE Engines and Eko Automobiles.

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5. Exide Boss 2.5L-C 2.5Ah VRLA Dry Battery

Exide Boss 2.5L-C 2.5Ah VRLA Dry Battery

12 Months Manufacturer Guaranty. Zero Servicing Bike Battery.Especially designed to fulfill the difficult circumstances of two-wheeler driving in India Battery totally maintenance-free. The spill-proof pattern guards against the options for leakage, even if installed in an angled or prepared position. The innovative Lead-Calcium technology brings to low self-discharge. Special Fire Arrestor guarantees better safety. This battery power can be applied for all motorbikes.

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4. Amaron Beta 2 2.5Ah Sealed Bike Battery

Amaron Beta 2 2.5Ah Sealed Bike Battery

The Battery has a radial line design and we use High Tin-Calcium metal. The technology relies on the air Recombination principle. The oxygen changed at the positive plates is transferred via a micro-porous synthetic Absorbing Glass Mat (AGM) separator to the floor of an adverse plate, therefore reacting with hydrogen produced from an adverse plate, causing in h2o. Therefore there’s no h2o loss, so this means no leading of water/acid. Additionally, there is a safety device to stop extreme force develop inside the battery.

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3. Acdelco Sealed Vrla Iacdv5l -B 5Ah Bike Battery

Acdelco Sealed Vrla Iacdv5l -B 5Ah Bike Battery

Great Quality and effectively balanced components with top rated battery plates are used to create highest possible cranking potential, effective current submission and immediate starting.Amazingly   Synthesizing   Technology TM. A Unique development allows risk-free and hassle-free function giving an unrivaled experience of simple start and long lifestyle.Versatile Installation.Indicates Fit & Forget. Additional Security.Lid and container are made from tough & high-impact proof plastic; therefore it gives security against losing of active materials during lumps and oscillations guaranteeing more time service life.

2. Poweron Kb4l-B 4Ah Sealed Battery

Poweron Kb4l-B 4Ah Sealed Battery Bike Battery

Servicing Free Battery.12 Months Guarantee from Manufacturer. Sealed Servicing VRLA Bike BatteryKUSALAVA INTERNATIONAL LTD provides crucial engine elements to unique devices produces in India, USA, European countries. The industry has itself as the recommended provider of cylindrical liners worldwide.

1. Exide Xplore Xltz4 Bike Battery

Exide Xplore Xltz4 Bike Battery

Presenting Exide Xplore. The only zero-maintenance VRLA motorbike battery with all the X Factor. Developed with world-class Calcium Effects Technology, it provides an energy-loaded efficiency and continues challenging Indian street conditions. Xplore comes along with a 48-month pro-rata guarantee that has a 12-month free refund guarantee.

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Bike Batteries Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I check the health of my bike battery?

You can use a multimeter to check the health of your bike battery. The process is fairly simple. Remove the panel to uncover the battery. Now, check the current and the voltage between terminals. It should be equal to the output voltage and current suggested by the manufacturer. You need to ensure that the current is stable and it is not falling. This can help you in checking the health of the battery. If the battery is losing current or there is a loss of voltage, it is an indication of ageing, and you will soon need to charge your battery.

  • What are the symptoms of bad battery?

There are some general symptoms of a bad battery that you can keep an eye on. One of the common symptoms is having difficulty in starting the bike on a cold morning. If you face any such issue, then you can be 70% sure of a bad battery. If during the ride, you tend to lose the intensity of the headlight or the horn, then that could be another symptom of a bad battery. In case of such issues, you must first check the terminal connections, and if the terminals are connected properly, you can check the health of the battery using a multimeter.

  • Can I replace my bike battery at home?

Yes, you can replace the battery at home. It is not rocket science to replace the battery. To begin with, you can order the bike battery for yourself. Once you receive the package, start by removing the old battery. To do that, you need to unmount the battery panel and then remove the battery by unscrewing the screws and removing the terminal. Now, install the new battery and turn on your bike. Leave the ignition on for a few minutes to allow the new battery to charge to a full level after installing the battery.

  • Do I need to fill electrolyte in the bike battery?

In most cases, you would not have to fill the electrolyte in the bike battery. The usual batteries available are maintenance-free batteries which give you a stress-free ownership experience. The electrolyte levels in these batteries are usually checked during the periodic service by the service centre. We recommend you to buy such maintenance-free batteries as this gives you freedom from checking the electrolyte level frequently. In addition to this, the other types of batteries are a hassle to maintain and hence you should always buy maintenance-free batteries.

  • What is one tip for maintaining bike battery in good health?

We are not going to share just one but a couple of tips to help you maintain the health of the bike battery. The first common tip is that you should not fire your horn or headlights without turning on the ignition. This puts a lot of stress on the battery, and it accelerates the ageing process. In addition to this, you must also switch off your lights before you fire up the engine. Another tip for maintaining the battery’s health is to avoid installing aftermarket HIDs as they consume a lot of power from batteries which is not good for the batteries.




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