Top 10 Best Air Purifier & Dehumidifiers Brands in India

Air Purifier in the recent times has earned a great popularity with a must need tag for every household in India. As the technologies and new discoveries hitting the market each day in the competitive world in order to mark the life easier, the fuel consumption and series of factories with injurious health gasses have degraded the environment. None of the world’s greatest country can get rid of the problem at whole, to combat the bad air quality and helping the body to fight problems as Asthma and other air born diseases.  The available Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers offer great help as they maintain the required PM level in the air of limited area and help to breathe easily and good air. Winter days sees more pollution as the dust particle and pollution form a layer around us that act as fog and create problems for Asthma patients and create lung based problems.

Air Purifiers are the new trending product in the market after Water Purifiers as the trendy looking home based appliances along with Dehumidifiers technology are available as the best guard for your home that helps to reduce the risk of air born disease. Here is the list of top available choices in the list along with their price range available in India, the ranking of these purifiers are based on their review from the customers and no of products under the brand sold through different online shopping portals.

10. Aero Guard Breeze Air Purifier 

Aero Guard Breeze Air Purifier

The Company boasts that the air purifying machine offers five stages purifying filter that absorbs the bad quality air and germs that can affect your health. The series of filters available in the AeroGuard Breeze Air Purifier are Active Nano Silver, Active HEPA Filter, Active Carbon Filter and Active 10X Pre-Filter. All these filters ensure 99.9% best quality air with no germs and pollution, the range of the purifying is 200 Sq. Ft with three-speed setting.

Price Range: 10,299

9. Dr. Aero Guard SCPR 200 

Dr. Aero Guard SCPR 200

The sleek design is the most advanced feature of the Dr. Aero Guard as the product is easy to be transported to wheelbase. The purification method of the product is based on the German Lab that ensures several stage purification processes as Vita-ion that blends negative ions, silver ions and offers 99.9% best air quality with all healthy measures.

Price Range: 13,900

8. Havells AP-22 Air Purifier White 

Havells AP-22 Air Purifier White

The designer Home Appliance based product that helps to manage the best grade air quality for a healthier environment offers 3 main filters that absorb bad quality air. The Philips product carries three years manufacturer warranty with 25Watt usage. The cleaning process of the purifier is simple with user manual. The Air Purifier with designs as 3D stickers make it look more trendy to be fitted in the living room for a better range of service.

Price Range:  16,299

7. Daikin Air Purifier MC70MVM6

Daikin Air Purifier MC70MVM6

One of the well known global Air based company that offers AC and Air Coolers product mainly has recently launched Air Purifier with modern key features. Some of the top rated feature of the product carries 6 stages filter process that ensures each of the pollutants, pollen, bad odor and dust to be absorbed in the Purifier during the process. The sleek design helps the user to place it anywhere in the home; the Purifier can be replaced easily to any of the rooms.

Price Range: 26,000

6. Philips AC 4025 Air Purifier White 

Philips AC4025 Air Purifier White

One of the best options available carries key features as it measures the air quality of the room and helps to control the setting according to the things need to be managed.     The auto alert in the Purifier alert you when there is a need to change the filters, the filters are marked with HEPA activated Carbon Filter. The area covered by the purifier is 323 sq. Ft.

Price Range: 19,000

5. Kent Ozone TY-500 Air Purifier 

Kent Ozone TY-500 Air Purifier

One of the leading Purifier with affordable price range quickly absorbs stale and foul odor and offers environment-friendly Ozone gas in place with 150mg/h Ozone Output. The silent works with zero noise release property.

Price Range: 5,199

4. Liv pure FreshO2 450 Air Purifier 

Livpure FreshO2 450 Air Purifier

Liv Pure is the leading name and one of the most advanced ranges of air purifier available in India, the body design of the Purifier is generally sleek that offers the benefit to placing it in any corner of the home. The product can cover a range of 500 square feet with CADR of 450m/hr.

Price Range: 15,999

3. Kent Ozone Table Top Air Purifier ccc

Kent Ozone Table Top Air Purifier

The unique design product that can be placed at the top of the table to eradicate bacteria and harmful germs works well with the Ozone disinfection technology and covers the area of 150 square feet.

Price Range: 2000

2. Philips AC4072/11 Air Purifier 

Philips AC4072/11 Air Purifier

The sleek body and best available feature of German-based multi-layer filtration technology offer you pollutant free air and work best with eco-mode that saves energy with 4 step filtration guided with light indicators. The Philips Air Purifier covers 592 Sq. Ft. area.

Price Range: 24,000

1. Kent Aura Air Purifier

Kent Aura Air Purifier

The best available choice as the Air Purifier in the range is Kent Aura Air Purifier that works with HEPA technology which means Highly Efficiency Particulate Arrestor with an Anti-bacterial coating. The prominent features of the Purifier include indicator for Filters change and inbuilt ionizer, the Kent Aura Air Purifier comes with silent operation feature.



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