How to Surrender Your PAN Card or Duplicate PAN Card?

It has now become mandatory to link your PAN Card with the Aadhaar card. This has enabled government in finding out about the people who have multiple PAN Card. If you also have multiple PAN Card then you could be penalised for the same. To avoid this, you need to surrender or cancel the additional PAN Card you have.

Legally, you can hold only 1 PAN Card and hence this helps the government in ensuring that you are paying the right amount of tax to the government. The penalty on having multiple PAN Cards can go as high as Rs 10,000. To avoid this, we decided to pen down the steps to surrender your PAN Card and this helps you in ensuring that you just have 1 single PAN Card.

Steps to Surrender Your PAN Card or an Additional PAN Card (Online Process)

If you wish to follow the online method, you can then follow the steps below and you will be able to Surrender Your PAN Card easily

  • To cancel the PAN Card, you need to use the Form 49A or Form 49AA and this is available via the TIN-NSDL You can visit the website by going to and on the website, select PAN from the menu that pops up after clicking on Online Services from the top menu bar.
  • Once that is done, you will be taken to a page specifically designed to offer services related to the PAN Card. On this page, scroll down and you will notice an Apply Button in the section for Change and Update PAN Details. Click on the Apply Button.
  • On the application form, select the Change or Correction in Existing PAN Data in the application type and enter all the mandatory details in the next 3 sections. It should be noted that you must use the Old PAN Card number in this form.
  • You will also notice a section which demands entering the details of the PAN Card Numbers that have been inadvertently allotted to you. You can enter all the PAN Numbers over there.
  • Now, upload the address proof, ID proof and date of birth to proceed. Also, upload the photo and e-signature to submit the form. Also, make the payment of the amount. As per the latest update, the fee for Indians is Rs 110 and for communication address outside India, the Fee is Rs 1020.
  • After making the payment, you can obtain the printout of the acknowledgement form and fill in the details on the same. You would need to paste a photo in the form and cross sign the photo.
  • Post this acknowledgement form to the department now and the address for the same is listed at the bottom of the acknowledgement form. The PAN Card will be cancelled in two-week time.

Steps to Surrender Your PAN Card or an Additional PAN Card (Offline Process)

The offline method is also quite easy to follow but the only problem is that you will have to visit the PAN office in your area to surrender the Duplicate PAN Card. You can locate the offices by using the link

Before you visit the office, you can obtain the print of the form that needs be submitted. The form can be found at

Submit this form to the officer at the area and you must also ensure that you submit the documents required by him there. Once that is done, the PAN Card will be cancelled in about 2 week time.


This was the process to cancel the PAN Card. It should be noted that the A.O. may investigate into the case and if you have used both the PAN Cards in past for making transactions then you might have to pay penalty for the same. If the PAN Card was obtained unintentionally then there might not be any penalty. Also, you must note that submitting the application doesn’t mean the cancellation of PAN Card. It is subjected to approval and investigation.

You can track the status of the PAN Card with help of TIN-NSDL website. The tracking link that you can use is

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