Top 10 Best Sugar Companies in India

Sugar is an essential part of our diet and our diet seems to be impossible without sugar. Sugar is not something new and it has been produced in India since ancient types. This compound is derived from sugar cane and the sugarcane juice goes through several steps of processing in order to manufacture sugar. India is one of the highest producers of the sugar and there are several companies which undertake the job of manufacturing sugar. Have you ever wondered that which the top 10 best sugar companies in India?

Well, if not then here is the answer to your question as we have listed the top 10 best sugar companies in India.

10. Dwarikesh Sugar

Dwarikesh Sugar is on number 10 on our list and it is certainly a market leader in the sugar industry. The company’s first plant was setup in Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh in the year 1995 and along with the sugar, the company also manufactures ethanol. Today, the company produces over 21,500 tons of sugar on daily basis across all the plants and there is no doubt about their quality. In addition to this, the company had been expanding its operational capacity since the inception of the company which certainly makes it the best sugar company in India.

9. Dalmia Sugar

Dalmis Sugar is associated with Dalmia group and the first sugar mill of Dalmia group was started in the year 1994 in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh. The company went on rapid expansion and today, Dalmia Sugar produces over 22500 TCD sugar. The company also has a distillery and they also process raw sugar to obtain various products from the same. Dalmia Sugar is also a publically listed company and it has a market capitalization of over Rs 559 crore at present.

8. Dhampur Sugar

Dhampur is another popular sugar brand in India and the company is known for refined sugar as well as jaggery. It is a commonly used product in an Indianhousehold and the company also carries a legacy with it. You would be surprised to know that the first manufacturing unit of Dhampur Sugar was set up in the year 1933 and the first plant is still operational in Dhampur, Uttar Pradesh. Today, the company refines over 1700 metric tons of sugar on daily basis and it is also involved in the production of renewable energy, ethanol,and bio-fertilizers.

7. Bajaj Hind

Bajaj Hind is next big name on our list of top 10 best sugar companies in India. As per the information available, the company was set up in the year 1931 and the company had a different name in that era. The previous name of the company was the Hindusthan Sugar Mills Limited. In addition to this, the first plant was located in Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh. Bajaj Hind also has many subsidiaries in India which contribute to the overall revenue, profits and the manufacturing capacity of the brand.

6. Triveni Engg

Triveni Engineering and Industries in next on our list and the company has a long history in sugar mills. The company is mainly based in Uttar Pradesh and it has units at 8 different places in Uttar Pradesh. It is also known that over 2.5 Lakh farmers are benefited because of this company. Apart from sugar business, Triveni Engineering is also involved with distillery business and water treatment solutions.The best part about the company is that it believes in sustainable development which certainly benefits everyone around.

5. Andhra Sugar

The idea to establish Andhra Sugar was incepted in 1947 and it took years of hard work to turn this beautiful dream into a reality. As per the information available, the first plant of Andhra Sugar was incepted in 1952 and since then Andhra Sugar has come a long way. Today, the overall capacity of this company is 10,000 TPD. The products of this company are widely used in southern states of India and apart from Sugar, the company has also diversified in the fertilizer industry, power sector,and chemical industry.

4. Balrampur Chini

Balrampur Chini is the second largest sugar producer in India and the products of this companies are popular across the country. A large portion of the produce is also exported to many other countries. At present, the company has 10 manufacturing units which are spread across Uttar Pradesh. With time, the company has expanded a lot and today, the manufacturing capacity of the mills exceeds 76,500 tonnes per day. The company is also involved in the generation of electricity and alcohol production.

3. Bannari Amman

On number 3, we have Bannari Amman Sugar Mills which is a part of Bannari Amman Group. The company has registered a high growth in terms of revenues. The company is not only in the manufacturing of sugar but it is also involved in the production of granite, renewable energy,and alcohol. The company is also publically listed company and the market capitalization of the company is around 2300 crores. The first plant of Bannari Amman was set up in 1986 and the plant was located in Tamil Nadu. The overall capacity of the mills at present is around 20,100 tonnes per day.

2. Shree Renuka

Shree Renuka is one of the largest sugar producers not only in India but also in the world. The company also owns some of the largest sugar manufacturing plants in India and the company also has four plants in Brazil apart from the seven plants in India. Shree Renuka Mills manufactures mainly two types of sugar and one of them is the usual refined sugar and the other one is the very high polarised sugar which is mainly manufactured in Brazil. The main reason for manufacturing this raw sugar is because it is easy to transport and trade.

1. EID Parry

EID Parry

On number 1, we have EID Parry on our list and the company has a history of over 225 years. This is right, the company was set up in the year 1788 and today, it is certainly the one of the largest and the oldest company on our list. The sugar mills of EID Parry are spread across Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. In total, the company has 7 plants in total which helps the company in staying at number one in the list of top 10 sugar companies in the list.

These are the top 10 Sugar Producing companies in India and they are also the top 10 largest sugar companies in India by their market capitalization as well.There are other well-known names in the list like Avadh Sugar, Uttam Sugar, KCP Sugar, Mawana Sugar and many others which manufactures sugar and their derivative products.

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