Refrigerator (Fridge) Care Dos and Don’ts

Refrigerators are one of the most used appliances in kitchens. Also, the main thing to think about this appliance is it is neglected by most people. Usually, people don’t think of taking care of their refrigerators as they do with their other appliances. But if you want to use your refrigerator effectively for a long time, then you need to take care of it. By doing this, you can save your investment and use the appliance appropriately.

Here are some dos and don’ts to follow in your fridge care routine.



  • Schedule repairs for your refrigerator

Scheduling repair appointments for your fridge is one of the best things to extend the lifespan of the appliance. You can plan repair inspections for your fridge once in a year to ensure appropriate usability. Apart from that, you can also plan services for your fridge when you notice a problem with it. If you see problems like leaking, temperature imbalance, inappropriate sound, etc., then you can schedule a repair appointment instantly to solve the problem. By solving the problems at their first stage, you can prevent the appliance from getting damaged.

  • Clean the condenser coils

Condenser coils are one of the active parts of your refrigerator. These coils dissipate maximum heat to offer efficient cooling. But they can collect dirt and dust with time. If the coils get covered by dust, then they can’t function appropriately. So you can clean the condenser coils twice a year to ensure exceptional performance. For cleaning the condenser coils, you can use your vacuum cleaner brush.

  • Clean the door seals

The door seals of your fridge help to retain the cool inside for a long time. So the fridge can’t function appropriately if the door seals are not in good condition. Therefore, you need to clean the door seals at least once in a month to ensure high efficiency. Also, you need to replace the door seal if it gets damaged.

  • Give space for heat dissipation

Refrigerators release plenty of heat during operations. So you can allow some space to let the heat go away. That’s why you need to ensure that there is enough space in the back, sides, and top of the refrigerator while placing it in your home.

  • Cool the food before storing in the fridge

While storing food leftovers in the refrigerator, you need to ensure that they are cool. If you store hot items in the refrigerator, then the inside temperature will increase, and the appliance will work hard to cool the item. Therefore, while storing hot food items in the fridge, you need to cool them first to reduce the work of the refrigerator.


  • Keep more foodstuffs in the door

Many people have a habit of storing milk, egg, and other perishable food items in the door of the refrigerator to access them easily. Actually, the door of a refrigerator stays warm compared to the shelves. Therefore, the food items stored in the door may not stay fresh for a long time. Also, storing more items in the door can overload the door racks and decrease the lifespan. So you should avoid storing more food items on the door racks to ensure long-lasting performance.

  • Use harmful chemicals to clean the refrigerator

Cleaning your refrigerator is important to ensure freshness inside it. But if you clean the refrigerator with a harmful chemical, then it can create an unhealthy environment and spoil your food. So you can use chemical-free cleaners or some homemade cleaning solutions to ensure freshness in the refrigerator.

  • Store the wrong food items

Some people store coffee beans, hot sauce, and other such items in the fridge. Usually, these items can also be stored at normal temperatures as they don’t need a cool place for storing. If you store these items in the refrigerator, then you may increase the load unnecessarily. Also, the racks and shelves of your refrigerator may get damaged due to overload. Therefore, you need to ensure that only the items that require refrigeration are stored in your fridge to prevent the overloading issue.

  • Keep the door open for longer periods

When you open the fridge door, the cool air starts to escape from it. If you keep it open for more time, then more amount of air escapes from it. This way, the load on the compressor increases, and it consumes more energy to cool. Therefore, you can plan your work before opening the refrigerator and complete it immediately to save energy and money.


Refrigerators need care to ensure appropriate performance for a long time. Otherwise, it may get damaged and cost you more in the service. Sometimes you may also need to buy a new refrigerator to replace the old one. So to prevent spending more money, you can ensure proper care of your refrigerator by following the above dos and don’ts.